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Paul Doro’s “‘Prisoners’” Certainly Isn’t an Endurance Test

In response to Paul Doro’s 465‑word review of Prisoners on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Paul Doro’s “‘Prisoners’ a grueling, intense, well-acted thriller” uses a transparent and super-lean writing style to elevate this review above the typical post-graduate ice-cube offering. Doro holds his words up to the sun, making sure they melt completely, so that even the simplest of readers can drink from his little drops of knowledge.

Doro provides all of the basic necessities of a review in readable fashion, but this review has minimal signs—less than three sentences—that point to original content, thought, and opinion. Admittedly, those three sentences really make the reader want to consider watching Prisoners very soon. Potential movie watchers can also rest well-assured that there’s no such thing as a plot-spoiler in this review.

Thankfully, the review’s location at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s website doesn’t pose reading, visual, or other endurance tests for the reader either.

Doro’s review would be quite lacking for the reader looking for a more refined taste of the film’s themes and tones—like a brisk walk through the park for a track star. On the other hand, the review is ideal for the stressed, busy, or otherwise challenged reader who doesn’t want the added stress of having to think intelligently or for themselves while reading a review.    

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