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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Romeo and Juliet’ Review” Is Hilarious, Dude

In response to Todd Gilchrist’s 546‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on The Wrap

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Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Romeo and Juliet’ Review: It’s Just Teen Hormones, Dude” is adapted to the page with an enlivened and ironic earnestness that will have reading audiences chuckling and in a near constant state of high amusement.

Gilchrist shows admirable commitment to flawless grammar, as well as the background and source material of Romeo and Juliet.  He provides plot summary and character descriptions that are quite interesting.

He is remarkably successful at making his language and writing style feel accessible and humorous to the reader. Throughout the review, he masterfully pairs style with imagery and insight that feels suitably artistic, with sweeping displays of contemporary culture references.

Glichrist conveys information with authority and compassion to the creators who obviously put a great deal of energy into the movie. He guides the reader into a better understanding of Carlei’s and Fellowes’ adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, while providing both positive and negative criticisms that wisely connect key Shakespearean components and themes.

It’s Just Teen Hormones, Dude is a thing of comic beauty that unexpectedly gives way to meaningful analysis. Glichrist shrewdly modulates the content into an uproariously entertaining review that will leave reading audiences, like, oh my god, totally happy, man.    

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