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Austin Kennedy’s “The Latest Adaptation” Is a Confusing Contradiction

In response to Austin Kennedy’s 768‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Film Geek Central

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Austin Kennedy’s review entitled “Austin reviews the latest adaptation of ROMEO & JULIET!!” is a jumble of contradiction.

Kennedy begins by stating rather boldly that he in fact has never read the play of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But never fear! With a movie seen fifteen some odd years ago and a junior high reading of the play, we have an expert on our hands to critique this film!

The validity of Austin’s The Latest Adaptation is put into serious question at the very start. Then in a moment of clarity, Austin lures readers into believing that they won’t be berated by unnecessary plot summary, especially with a play as well known as Shakespeare’s greatest hit. But alas, almost in the same breath Kennedy launches into several sentences of plot. This could potentially be due to his own need for freshening up on the story. In any case, it detracts from his credibility and creates something of a roadblock going forward.

The Latest Adaptation is a curious beast indeed. A work dedicated to reviewing one of the most well-known stories in history, that the reviewer has never read, claiming no need for summary but including it anyways, and commenting on opinions that change throughout the piece. In words akin to Shakespeare’s day, methinks the gentleman is bewitched!   

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