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Nell Minow’s “The World’s End” Is Quaintly Quotidian

In response to Nell Minow’s 752‑word review of The World's End on Beliefnet

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Though Beliefnet’s main thrust is deciding whether you or your kids will be permanently scarred if their delicate ears hear the words “peepee” or “doodoo”, Nell Minow resists the urge to let the content of the flick influence her opinion, instead judging it solely on its merits.  

Maybe it was the caring eyes looking back at me in her header, or that disarming smile, but I felt like Nell, or, “Movie Mom”, as she is affectionately known, wanted to give all the lads in the film a big hug and a loving reminder to stop saying “doodoo”, thus successfully averting the silly shenanigans the plot would inevitably take them down. I digress.  

Movie Mom does an admirable job. The writing is mostly utilitarian, but Minow does get playful at times, keeping the tone light and airy and even allowing herself a pun or two.

Where she falters is the structure. Far too much time is spent in exposition. In fact, the first six paragraphs do nothing but outline the characters and storyline before diving into a commentary so short it would need a booster seat at Denny’s. Truth be told, there is a paltry one sentence of actual criticism, but Nell’s geniality saves this one from being a bag of, (forgive me Movie Mom) doodoo.    

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