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Joanna Langfield’s “Prisoners” Is Totally Unimpressive

In response to Joanna Langfield’s 362‑word review of Prisoners on The Movie Minute

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Joanna Langfield’s “Prisoners” is housed in an odd little website. The review is at the top of the page, but it’s obvious that it won’t be for long. Directly underneath the review is another review, and another, etc. Langfield doesn’t even claim authorship until the end of this really long web-page full of lots of reviews.

The review itself is more inconsequential than terrible, although Langfield’s claim that the more affluent family in the film “happen to be” African American smacks of subtle suburbanite racism, which calls into question all of her opinions about the film.

The review is wishy-washy with its tone and style. If Langfield wants to be credited as a writer and a reviewer, she definitely needs to learn how to create separate web-pages for  reviews and perhaps pursue a course in proofreading.

While the review provides a few interesting appraisals of the characters, it barely meets the minimum material requirement for the reader to dream of a better review that fleshes a solid viewpoint.

Langfield doesn’t give too much away with her review. On the contrary, she doesn’t give anything at all, making this a big fat non-read.  You won’t miss anything if you miss this review.    

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