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Linda Cook’s “Brit Comedy, Sci-Fi Meet” Is Aimless and Flat

In response to Linda Cook’s 410‑word review of The World's End on Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)

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Linda Cook’s “Brit comedy, sci-fi meet at ‘World’s End’” is an empty take on The World’s End seemingly devoid of ambition or purpose. Cook leads off with an incredibly pointless hook which fails to be interesting, funny, or poignant (and it’s entirely unclear which of the three, if any, Cook was going for). It goes downhill from there.

Not only does Cook not bring any new insights to the table, comedy, sci-fi meet fails to bring much of anything to the table. It’s just an overlong plot description with so little insight that it’s almost shocking it got published.

It’s hard to imagine an audience that would appreciate comedy, sci-fi meet.  It doesn’t seem to have been written with an audience in mind. For that matter, it doesn’t seem to have been written with anything in mind.

Cook takes a conversational tone through most of the work, which will have you wondering when the gears will shift and things will start moving. Sadly, they literally never do. The tone might work if it weren’t for the absolute lack of content. Comedy, sci-fi meet reads like a friend trying to explain to you the film after you’ve confessed that you never plan on seeing it. Little is left to look forward to, and there is nothing to learn throughout the entire, unfortunate proceedings.    

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