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Marc Mohan “The World’s End” a Master of Repetition

In response to Marc Mohan’s 542‑word review of The World's End on Oregonian

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In the review “‘The World’s End’ review: Fighting for humanity with beer goggles on” written by Marc Mohan, readers are shown a piece of repetition. Mohan successfully states the same opinion, with the same topic, in several separate paragraphs throughout the piece. Scattered in with chunks of summary, this review talks in circles about the plot and its characters.

In several moments, the reader believes that new information will cease the tornado of sameness swirling about them, but alas, the rather simple wording and lack of analysis left the reader in a storm of boring.

The review also included a rather large amount of blue titled links throughout the review, so if desired, the reader could instead click on those headlines to read another related story about the mentioned film.

This then begs the question of whether Mohan knew his readers would want to leave the piece quickly, giving  ample opportunities to evacuate the review in a timely manner.

They were distracting and tempting to say the least. This can also be said of the trailer placed directly in the middle of the review. It was appropriately placed in the middle of the summary portion of the review, which seemed curious then as to why Mohan felt it necessary to spell it out for his readers instead of letting them watch it.

A review of repetitious and curiously placed insertions makes for a less than desired read.     

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