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Drew Hunt’s “The World’s End” Is a Flash in the Pan

In response to Drew Hunt’s 147‑word review of The World's End on Chicago Reader

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Drew Hunt’s “The World’s End” is why the word “uninspired” was created. It is rare for a critique to be longer than the work in which it is critiquing, but that is what it taking place here.

Hunt follows up a dime-store plot description with a limp-noodle assessment. This review is the written version of one of those trailers that comes out two years before the movie is even filmed and only has some fast quick glimpses of stuff some graphic designer flunky came up with in about five minutes. It never tells you anything about the story. You’re just supposed to believe the hype.

Hunt leaves you guessing at what he thinks of the movie, using contradictory value words to describe it. A recommendation is never clearly stated.

Yet, it should be said the review does not have any glaring grammatical errors. It has that going for it. Of course, it is pretty easy to stay error free when you only write one paragraph. Also, he avoids spoiling anything, such as names of the characters or what they might do in the movie.

If you have to skip reading any review this year, make sure you skip this one.    

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