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Jolene Mendez’ “‘PRISONERS’ Movie Review” Is Unglued

In response to Jolene Mendez’s 279‑word review of Prisoners on Entertainment Spectrum

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Jolene Mendez’ “‘PRISONERS’ Movie Review” is extremely methodical, with perhaps one of the driest plot summaries ever written in the history of writing.

Though incredibly short, Mendez manages to make several horrible technical mistakes. At one point, she claims that movie watchers are glued to endings, and while the imaginative reader might have fun with that one, it’s not at all effective for gaining credibility or anything else as a writer. Mendez goes on to call Hugh Jackman’s performance griping instead of gripping. Certainly not gripped, the reader will definitely want to gripe about this review after that grievous error.

It’s also clear that Jo wrote the review, but the reader would have to hunt for information to discover that Jolene Mendez wrote it. Not that she would want to claim authorship, but this lack of attention to detail and substance is quite indicative of the entire blasé review.

Mendez pronounces Prisoners one of the best films of the year, but the reader certainly doesn’t come to the same conclusion after reading this review, which is more like an exercise in how not to say anything worth reading.

The reader can obviously see what’s coming next, and thankfully, it’s the end of the review. Sometimes bad form is a little less painful when it’s not too long.    

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