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Matthew Toomey’s “Review: Prisoners” Is Must-Read for the Wrong Reasons

In response to Matthew Toomey’s 509‑word review of Prisoners on ABC Radio Brisbane

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Matthew Toomey has created a memorable piece of work in “Review Prisoners,” but only because of how bad it is. The awkward and choppy writing might be the most horrific part of the review, but is equally matched by the devastatingly thin analysis. The critic has created a work so troubling, that it might actually be the work of genius.

Toward the end of Review, Toomey says “Meh, what do I know?” Is this some sort of code? One may feel that the critic has used the tactics of the great Leonardo Da Vinci to somehow include text that subtly winks at the reader. Toomey even acknowledges his opinion as “lukewarm,” and one will optimistically suspect that the ridiculousness of the review must be part of something bigger.

Review opens up without a clear statement, and just plows right into the plot summary. The writing is incredibly choppy, and gets even worse as the critic begins the second paragraph with “He’s the film’s most interesting character.” Who? The writing style is just awkward and aggressively offensive.

The majority of Review is plot summary until Toomey concludes with the aforementioned thoughts. The critic also adds “I liked the idea of this ‘vigilante justice’ subplot.” Yes, Toomey’s opinions are definitely lukewarm.

Review is a must-read simply because it is one of the most bizarre reviews that one can find. It will be exciting to see what theories the internet begins to churn out as to what the true meaning of Toomey’s “Review: Prisoners” really is.    

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