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Kyle Smith’s “The World’s End” Review May Polarize but Proves Fair

In response to Kyle Smith’s 519‑word review of The World's End on New York Post

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Kyle Smith delivers  bold opinions in his latest crafting, “The World’s End can’t come soon enough.” Agree or disagree, Smith makes a powerful argument and backs up his words with strong opinions. Unfortunately, while the prose of Smith is substantial in style, it is lacking in explanation.

Can’t come soon opens with a paragraph that displays tremendous effort to capture the attention of the reader, but ultimately feels like forced comedy. The metaphor used by Smith has potential, as it relates to the core audience, however the wording is only mediocre.

Smith moves forward with a strong commentary on the director Edgar Wright. The critic could expand with a more detailed argument to back up his claims, and will most likely irritate, not because of the opinion, but because the words roll like those of a fanboy.

The general plot description of can’t come soon is spotty. Smith makes excellent observation on the authenticity of specific scenes, however his examination of the characters themselves are rich with opinion but provide little to the reader as to why Smith feels the way he does. A more detailed approach would have been beneficial to back up his claims.

Can’t come soon is an entertaining read, but ultimately comes across as the opinions of an angry fan, rather than the writings of a professional taking a comprehensive approach.    

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