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David Nusair Rushes Through “Prisoners” and Keeps Analysis Locked Up

In response to David Nusair’s 241‑word review of Prisoners on Reel Film Reviews

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David Nusair describes the film Prisoners in his latest work, “Prisoners,” but inexplicably provides little for his audience to ponder.

Nusair’s Prisoners is one long paragraph, which is the first red flag. The work is fine if the critic merely wants to acknowledge that he saw the film, but the audience surely demands a bit more.

Nusair recognizes all the main players in Prisoners, which is a plus, but the commentary feels rushed as if the critic is working off a checklist.  

Nusair’s Prisoners won’t be remembered for an amazing plot summary because Nusair only briefly mentions what the film is all about, and says absolutely nothing about the performances (unless you count the noting of the lead’s “powerful work.”)  One will surely be curious about the plot devices of the director, or what the leads bring to the table. The critic sadly offers the audience nothing of value.

The entirety of Nusair’s Prisoners is vague, and the most humorous part comes in the form of an exclamation point. Nusair describes a lot without actually expanding on his thoughts or breaking down the film beyond the use of adjectives. It fails due to a lack of everything. The critic offers the bare necessities and walks away.    

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