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“Shaun Munro’s ’The World’s End Review… ’ Is Beyond Redemption”

In response to Shaun Munro’s 1680‑word review of The World's End on What Culture

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Munro’s “The World’s End Review: 10 Insane Things You Won’t Believe” is misleading, poorly presented, and unfit to be considered a review.

The beginning of the review offers a cavalier, no-nonsense tone with just the right amount of relevant information to put The World’s End in context.  Unfortunately, Munro then proceeds in top ten fashion, and although he gives a spoiler warning, he reveals far too much of the movie. While he could have effectively stopped at generalizing the main points, instead, he insists on telling the reader everything.

“The Pubs,” #2 on the reviewer’s top ten list reveals the location and name of the actual pubs where the movie was filmed, which is an interesting aside, but about as far into this review as you want to read if you haven’t seen the movie.

Munro’s writing style and opinion on the movie is solid, but he commits a few mild grammar mistakes, such as somehow giving trailers the ability to market all by themselves without an apostrophe or anything.

The pictures of the film that accompany the review are ambitious, but needless to say, clicking through multiple web pages just to read the top ten without an accessible way to return to the beginning is tedious at best.    

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