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Jordan Mintzer’s “The World’s End” Is Veritable and Strong

In response to Jordan Mintzer’s 911‑word review of The World's End on Hollywood Reporter

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“The World’s End” by Jordan Mintzer is a complete construction of all the details that a curious moviegoer looks for in a review.

Mintzer immediately hooks the reader with a thorough opening in which he mixes a fine concoction of wit, film references and a key description of the film. The dazzling words swirl together like a fine blend of wine, which is to be enjoyed casually (and responsibly) while the experience settles in on your soul and warms the comedic heart.

A unique twist on this friendly review is how Mintzer notes, briefly, a few thought-provoking points on production and how the film may fare both in the United Kingdom and the United States. It’s the superb move of a gentleman and a scholar of cinema.

The exploration of motives in the supporting cast is not entirely adept, but at least noted before moving on to the main characters. The description of the leads is masterly, and Mintzer’s poetic prose will endear one of the comedic leads to every reader.

End covers all angles of the film and is a monumental work that will undoubtedly provide joy to its readers. Jordan Mintzer’s tale is well-prepared, thoughtful and entertaining, if not brief.    

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