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Frank Swietek “Prisoners” Condemns Readers to Ruined Film

In response to Frank Swietek’s 886‑word review of Prisoners on One Guy's Opinion

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In this review by Frank Swietek entitled “Prisoners” the reader is given the complete and extended version of the entire film.

This review begins with a solid start, giving the audience a wonderfully organized listing of who directed, produced, starred, and wrote this film. Swietek starts his readers off in an informative way, leading them effortlessly into the real review portion.

It is at this point in the review that the reader takes a deep spiral into extensive summary and rests on the cusp of extreme spoilers. After three paragraphs of plot summation, the reader begins to feel as if the review is no longer simply giving direct opinion and short conclusions. Instead, Swietek begins delving deeper into the film, giving more detail than necessary and bordering dangerously on ruining any cinematic surprise the director was hoping to achieve.

Although the reviewer stops at one point to claim they will provide no further information than what was included in the trailer, the damage has been done. The previous detail already proved too much for its audience.

The review concludes by giving a positive affirmation to go view the film individually and predicts (with award season coming soon) that this film should be considered for appraisal.

This review should only be read by those who have already seen the film or don’t plan on seeing it.    

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