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Frank Swietek’s “Romeo and Juliet” Is Probing and Acrimonious

In response to Frank Swietek’s 752‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on One Guy's Opinion

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Frank Swietek’s “Romeo and Juliet” is great, but  hampered by a few spoilers, and some really shoddy production values.

There is no love lost here, and if you are waiting for any pleasantries to be said of the film well don’t hold your breath. You are more likely to get a visit from the tooth fairy than you are to hear more than a handful of positive things from Swietek regarding Romeo and Juliet . His writing is tight, and focused seemingly on the singular task of eviscerating what the critic views as an ill conceived re-imagining.  What you will witness in this review is the written equivalent of Ronnie Lott blind siding a wide receiver: its cringe-worthy brutality at its best.  

Among the critic’s chief complaints is the proceeding’s lack of heart. Things get downright painful for the source material once comparisons to the CW turn up. The finishing blow is the pulling of the proverbial Twilight card, saying this film is geared more towards that audience. Swietek should just add a coffin and some dirt and call it a night.

The presentation is pretty bad though,  it offers zero nothing to look at other than the bland text. The single splash of color serves only to indicate that somewhere, someone involved with the review has the ability to liven things up and chose not to.

Swietek’s Romeo + Juliet divulges quite a bit of information regarding the two characters and though most people have read the story by now it’s still a bit unacceptable to be so open with details of the story.

Swietek puts the movie through the ringer and the result is hilarious. Even the misfires in spoilers and presentation aren’t enough to derail this great review.    

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