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Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “Romeo and Juliet” Softens Heart for Eye Candy

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 194‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on This is London

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Charlotte O’Sullivan’s review titled “Romeo and Juliet—film review” is hellbent on hatred (expect for the men that is).

O’Sullivan’s words are brief and to the point. The agenda for this review is obvious and a longer explanation is not needed. Several points of disapproval are chosen as discussion points and only one left for appraisal.

O’Sullivan’s Romeo and Juliet pounds the distaste for the piano so hard  through the readers that it leaves heads spinning and reeling from the off key note of her writing.

The article then crucifies the writing, calling out Fellowes as changing the original script for the worse. In just a few short sentences the reader is drug from one thematic choice to the next with such a poor attitude that when the third paragraph comes, relief is begged for.

The audience pleas are met with a superficial, opinionated compliment. With such strong displeasure in the score, the writing, the female lead, the only redeeming characteristic of this film is…the men.

Adjectives describing angelic lips and luscious eye brows, is what O’Sullivan chooses to praise of all things in this film. This begs the question of what this reviewer was paying attention to during the rest of the film.

If readers wish to have a short bite into the bitter, O’Sullivan’s Romeo and Juliet will leave them with just that.    

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