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Walls’ “Wayhomer Review #162: The World’s End (2013)” Takes Risks, Falls Flat

In response to Widgett Walls’s video review of The World's End on

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Widgett Walls’ Wayhomer Review #162: The World’s End (2013) rambles its way to the very end. The reviews format is truly one-of-a-kind, but it isn’t enough to justify its disorganized and overlong presentation. #162 will not be claiming a spot among the top reviews.

Walls (who goes by Widge on the site) gives his review in video format rather than written. This is a completely unedited, uncut review and thus readers (or in this case, viewers) are subjected to a barrage of ums and uhs. While this review appears at times to have moments that make actual sense, they are unfortunately lost in this spoken word review. Widge could have easily formulated his thoughts in a far more concise nature had he taken the time to write this instead.

Audiences can expect some points to sound repetitive, largely due to the reviewer trying to keep talking without any awkward silent moments. These filler moments may consist of words but it certainly does not make it any less awkward.

Spoilers that are mentioned stay in the final cut (see above: totally unedited). Widge takes a risk by turning the traditional review into an incredibly personal format but falls short of providing a well-rounded, clean cut review.    

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