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Anders Wright’s “Captivating Actors” Is a Quality Review, Interrupted

In response to Anders Wright’s 656‑word review of Prisoners on San Diego Union-Tribune

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In his review “Captivating actors can’t rescue ‘Prisoners,’” Anders Wright provides a thoughtful, well-written critique of the titular movie Prisoners. Wright both praises and condemns the field, basking in its visual beauty while lamenting the shortcomings of its screenplay.

There is never the sense that he is offering unqualified praise or unduly harsh criticism. He finds the middle ground, and does so with a writing style that is easy to read and never gets bogged down by pretense.

There is one significant flaw with the review, though, which is that the reader must click through to a second page to read the final two paragraphs. It’s not as if the review is so lengthy as to warrant a second page. It clocks in at 656 words, which is fairly middle-of-the-road.  There isn’t an overabundance of images on the page, so it hardly seems like it was done to minimize loading times. Really, the only explanation is the desire to improve the site’s bounce rate, which is a poor excuse for interrupting the flow of the text in such an egregious fashion.

It’s a shame that the page break was put there, because it hampers what is otherwise a near flawless review. “Captivating actors” is well-written, free of pretension, and a joy to read.    

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