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Ty Burr’s “A Pub Crawl Turns Deadly in ’The World’s End” Is a Flop

In response to Ty Burr’s 122‑word review of The World's End on Boston Globe

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Ty Burr’s “A pub crawl turns deadly in ‘The World’s End’” is a lazy effort that raises more questions than answers. The review’s failure to support its colorless conclusion is due largely to its lack of substance.  

With a running time of 122 words, you can read this review on most escalator rides. If the critic was striving to produce a finished product that could fit in a single tweet, he nearly succeeded. The first sentence, however, clocks in at a corpulent 59 words and manages to include a spoiler about the film’s central conflict.  

The review’s visual layout is its one redeeming quality. A nifty side-bar offers a treasure trove of information about the film, such as the MPAA rating and the reasons behind the designated rating. Unfortunately this element was most likely added in post-production and cannot be attributed to the critic.  

Burr half-heartedly endorses the film on the merit of its humor, but fails to deliver enough evidence to persuade his reader to trust his judgment. He hedges his bet with a couple of quick critiques, as if to have something to point to and say “I told you so” when his readers start trolling the comment section.

Even though you can read this review in thirty seconds, save your time and don‘t.     

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