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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: ’Prisoners’, a Smart” Fresh Take

In response to Roger Moore’s 609‑word review of Prisoners on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: ‘Prisoners’, a smart thriller that almost outsmarts itself” is a very balanced review that expresses the positive and negative elements of the film. Moore is a great writer who knows how to present a fresh perspective to a movie that’s already been reviewed many times.

The review adeptly gives pertinent information about the characters and plot, with great descriptions and insight. Yet, Moore goes further and explains something that other reviewers haven’t bothered to tell (or perhaps even bothered to notice): the masterful way the movie’s theme reveals itself by illuminating how all of the characters are in some way imprisoned.

This is by far the most compelling aspect of this well-written review, an aspect that lifts this reviewer’s mental status far above many of his film critic peers.

The review is housed on an incredibly clean web-page that does not bludgeon the reader to death with ridiculous advertisements and flashing imagery, just as Moore’s language doesn’t assault the reader with inane quipping or verbose meandering.

Moore wraps it all up, ties it all in, and readers are left with a good impression of—and a new take on—whether or not Prisoners is a movie they would enjoy watching.    

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