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Ken Hanke’s “The World’ End” Is Britty Great

In response to Ken Hanke’s 644‑word review of The World's End on Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)

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 “The World’s End” by Ken Hanke ends with the word “gravy.” And if that isn’t a perfect capper to a delightful review, nothing is.

Reviews that fail to understand the cultural make-up of their subject matter are all too common. Hanke, though, knows his subject is British and the humor, pacing, camera choices, and more, are all rooted in the Limey culture that sprung forth the film. How else to explain a film that begins with a failure being referred to as the main character’s best day? Hanke gets it, and rolls with it for all it is worth, including a brave stance in comparing the quality of the film’s league with the utter averages of US comedic dramas that aim for the same target.

But this is not blind hagiography toward Brit Coms. Hanke aims his site on the good and bad of the juxtapositions that this film series has engendered in (the tragic and the SF/Pop culture bizarre). Huzzah for that! Hanke’s trying to cover all the bases so noone can say he played favorites.  

Closing in on the review’s final notes, Hanke aims his pistol of commanding Brit Lit at TS Eliot, and thus the ending arrives with both a bang and a whimper. Everything after that, is gravy.    

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