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A. O. Scott’s “Last Call for Friends to Grow Up” Is a Thoughtful Rumination on the World’s End

In response to A.O. Scott’s 739‑word review of The World's End on New York Times

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A. O. Scott is a critic at the top of his game and in “Last Call for Friends to Grow Up,” his review of The World’s End, he provides ample reasoning to see a movie he clearly has respect and admiration for.

Scott avoids the pitfalls of many amateur critics and does not simply provide a rehash of the film’s plot and then cap it with a quick opinion. Instead, he weaves together bits of plot, theme, and criticism throughout the body of his review, and in doing so creates a cohesive and satisfying read.

One not only knows Scott’s opinion by the end of the article but even empathizes with it, feeling the pull of the cinema, perhaps even smelling the popcorn and hearing the chatter of fellow movie theater patrons. It’s the closest to being there one can get without really being there.

There are many reviews out there with one goal and one goal alone, and that is to provide a quick dose of opinion for an increasingly restless and inattentive readership. A. O. Scott bucks that trend and takes the time to truly craft a solid piece of film criticism. Last Call is the work of a master and a must-read for fans of film reviews.    

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