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Captain Phillips

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The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years.   

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198 Other Reviews
  • Simon Miraudo 
    Simon Miraudo’s “Shipping Dudes” Nicely Combines Humor and Insight
  • John Wirt 
    John Wirt Does a Good Job Navigating the Reader Through “Powerful Story”
  • Mike McGranaghan 
    Mike McGranaghan’s “Captain Phillips” Is Refreshingly Direct
  • J. R. Jones 
    J. R. Jones’ “Captain Phillips” Is a Breath of Fresh Air
  • Adam Woodward 
    Adam Woodward “Captain Phillips Review” Is a Successful Outing
  • Christy Lemire 
    Christy Lemire’s “Captain Phillips” Is a Thorough and Satisfying Pleasure
  • Anne Thompson 
    Anne Thompson’s Solid “Greengrass Turns Screws” Hits the Right Notes
  • Bruce Kirkland 
    Bruce Kirkland’s “Exciting ‘Captain Phillips’” Stays Nicely in Focus
  • Stuart Klawans 
    Stuart Klawans’s “Captain Phillips” Is Mostly Solid and Entertaining
  • Matthew Odam 
    An Emphasis on Plot Doesn’t Sink Matthew Odom’s “Feel the Danger”
  • Chris Vognar 
    Chris Vognar’s “Gives Somali Pirates Their Due” Delivers the Goods
  • Brian Viner 
    Though Brian Viner’s “Oscars Ahoy!” Is Obsessed With Awards, It’s Very Fun
  • Michael Smith 
    Michael Smith’s “Review: Hanks Saves” Pits Actor Against Rest of Film
  • David Edelstein 
    David Edelstein’s “Tom Hanks Is Better Than Ever” Has Passion and Intrigue
  • Moira MacDonald 
    Moira MacDonald’s “Hanks at His Best” Does a Fine Job
  • Rodrigo Perez 
    Rodrigo Perez’s Masterful “NYFF Review: Paul…” Intrigues and Engrosses
  • Brian Henry Martin 
    B. H. Martin’s Strong “Thanks to Captain Hanks” Is Marred by Errors
  • Matt Neal 
    Matt Neal’s “Captain Phillips” Does the Job With0ut Too Much Fuss
  • Henry Fitzherbert 
    Henry Fitzherbert’s “Captain Phillips” Is a Shining Success
  • Todd Jorgenson 
    Todd Jorgenson’s “Captain Phillips” Is a Quick-Paced and Satisfying Journey
  • Sam Woolf 
    Sam Woolf’s “Captain Phillips Review” Shares Some Great Viewpoints
  • Simon Weaving 
    Simon Weaving’s Workmanlike “Captain Phillips” Lacks Flair but Still Works
  • David Nusair 
    David Nusair’s “Captain Phillips” Stumbles a Bit Mid-Section but Survives
  • Claudia Puig 
    Claudia Puig’s “Terror on the High Seas” Is Tasteful and Classy
  • Duane Dudek 
    Duane Dudek’s “High Drama” Is Solidly Entertaining
  • Mike Scott 
    The Wordiness in Mike Scott’s “Pirate Drama” Doesn’t Mask His Enthusiasm
  • John Beifuss 
    John Beifuss’ “See-Worthy” Is a Bumpy Ride That Hits Waves Along the Way
  • Tony Macklin 
    Tony Macklin’s “Captain Phillips” Is Genius in Observation and Awesome
  • Andrew O'Hehir 
    Andrew O’Hehir’s “Disturbing Celebration” Is a Mixed Bag
  • Chris Buckle 
    Chris Buckle’s “Captain Phillips” Packs a Lot Into Its Few Words
  • Stephen Carty 
    Stephen Carty’s “Captain Phillips” Makes for an Interesting Discussion
  • Robbie Collin 
    Robbie Collin’s “Captain Phillips, Review” Is a Thrilling Read
  • Tom Glasson 
    Tom Glasson’s “Captain Phillips” Slides Along Nicely
  • Steve Persall 
    Steve Persall’s “Tom Hanks Captivates…” Has Many Unique Viewpoints
  • Todd McCarthy 
    Todd McCarthy’s Lengthy “Captain Phillips: Film Review” Entertains Throughout
  • Antonia Quirke 
    Quirke’s “Captain Phillips” Is Compellingly Contrarion but Too Short
  • Bob Grimm 
    Bob Grimm’s “The Problem With Pirates” Is Easily Distracted but Very Funny
  • Ryan Kearney 
    Ryan Kearney’s “Pummel You Into Submission” Is Fearless and Hilarious
  • James Berardinelli 
    James Berardinelli’s Solid “Captain Phillips” Takes Some Strange Turns
  • Susan Granger 
    Susan George’s “Captain Phillips” Overdoes It With Plot Description
  • Donald Clarke 
    Donald Clarke’s “Captain Phillips” Can’t Overcome a Sloppy Beginning
  • Christopher Orr 
    Christopher Orr’s “The Movie of the Moment” Is Thought-Provoking and Real
  • Cameron Meier 
    Cameron Meier’s “Personal, Powerful Thriller” Leaves You Unsatisfied
  • Matt Looker 
    Crass Humor Brings Down Matt Looker’s “Captain Phillips”
  • Kirk Baird 
    Kirk Baird’s “Aye, Aye, Captain” Stays Afloat Despite Some Rocky Moments
  • Graham Young 
    Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Captain Phillips (12A)” Is Light and Fluffy
  • Dann Gire 
    Gire’s “‘Captain Phillips’ a Smart, White-Knuckled Thriller” Is a Slow-Burn
  • Wesley Morris 
    Wesley Morris’s “Water and Power” Is the Friend Who Won’t Stop Talking
  • Alonso Duralde 
    Alonso Duralde’s Fearless “Captain Phillips Review” Is Honest and Unforgiving
  • Matthew Toomey 
    Matthew Toomey Bobs and Weaves Unnecesarily in “Captain Phillips”
  • Jocelyn Noveck 
    Spoilers at the Beginning Spoil Jocelyn Noveck’s “Stellar Hanks.”
  • Willie Waffle 
    Willie Waffle’s “Captain Phillips—Oscar Contender?” Is Funny and Riveting
  • Jordan Hoffman 
    Jordan Hoffman’s Informal “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Personal and Believable
  • Richard Corliss 
    Richard Corliss’ “Tom Hanks and the Pirates” Is Captivatingly Well-Built
  • Cameron Williams 
    Cameron Williams’ Weak “Captain Phillips” Barely Holds on for Dear Life
  • Keith Phipps 
    Keith Phipps’ “Captain Phillips” Is Beautifully Done, and Very Detailed
  • Lisa Kennedy 
    Lisa Kennedy’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Movie Review” Is Engagingly Warm
  • Jay Stone 
    Jay Stone’s “Captain Phillips” Is Intelligent, Accurate, and Well Done
  • Marjorie Baumgarten 
    Marjorie Baumgarten’s “Captain Phillips” Intermittently Loses Focus
  • Jason Zingale 
    Jason Zingale’s “Captain Phillips” Would Benefit From Tighter Prose
  • Clint O'Connor 
    Clint O’Connor’s “Tom Hanks Battles Somali Pirates” Moves Smoothly
  • Daniel M. Kimmel 
    Daniel M. Kimmel’s “Captain Phillips” Struggles to Hold on to Its Points
  • Matt Prigge 
    Matt Prigge’s “Subtle Critique of Military Might” Mines New Territory
  • Al Alexander 
    Al Alexander’s “Terrific Thriller” Is Well-Informed and Well-Written
  • Cynthia Fuchs 
    Cynthia Fuchs’s “Navy Can’t Lose” Sputters Out of the Dock Then Crashes
  • Mark Kermode 
    Mark Kermode’s “Captain Phillips—Review” Skillfully Channels Suspense
  • Pete Vonder Haar 
    Attempts at Humor Do Not Help Pete Vonder Haar’s “Captain Phillips”
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson 
    Jeffrey M. Anderson Contradicts Himself Throughout in “The Sea Outside”
  • Peter Canavese 
    Peter Canavese’s “Review: ‘Captain Phillips’” Is Endearingly Simple
  • John Serba 
    John Serba’s “Tom Hanks Goes Through the Wringer” Is Raw and Direct
  • Kenneth Turan 
    Kenneth Turan’s “Gripping Game of Cat and Mouse” Is Delightfully in-Tune
  • Scott Foundas 
    Scott Foundas’ Refreshingly Honest “Film Review: ’Captain Phillips’” Delivers
  • Kent Turner 
    Kent Turner’s “Review of ‘Captain Phillips’” Quickly Entices Readers
  • Tim Brayton 
    Tim Brayton’s Personal Mark “He’s Very, Very…” Is Fantastic
  • Steven Rea 
    Steven Rea’s “A Real-Life, Must-See Drama at Sea” Is an Appealing Jaunt
  • Sandie Angulo Chen 
    Sandie Angulo Chen’s “Captain Phillips” Is Mostly Just the Facts, Ma’Am
  • Joe Neumaier 
    Joe Neumaier’s “‘Captain Phillips’: Review” Has an Air of Excitement
  • Adam Ross 
    Adam Ross’s “Captain Phillips” Is Funny for the Wrong Reasons
  • Matthew Turner 
    Matthew Turner’s “Captain Phillips (12A)” Is Well-Organized and Convincing
  • Colin Covert 
    Colin Covert’s “Gripping Real-Life Piracy Story” Is Largely Forgettable
  • Travis Hopson 
    Travis Hopson’s Circuitous “Captain Phillips” Is Overlong and Meandering
  • Greg Maki 
    Greg Maki’s Clumsy “Captain Phillips” Is in Need of a Thesaurus
  • Jolene Mendez 
    Shaky Writing and Too Much Plot Sink Jolene Mendez’s “Captain Phillips”
  • Jim Judy 
    Jim Judy’s “Captain Phillips” Is Self-Serving as It Swerves Way Off Course
  • Kurt Loder 
    Kurt Loder’s “Review: ‘Captain Phillips’” Is Very Visual and Unique
  • Jason Anderson 
    Jason Anderson’s “Captain Phillips” Is Fair and Unbiased
  • Craig Seligman 
    Craig Seligman’s “Hanks Battles Pirates” Aimlessly Recaps
  • Kam Williams 
    Williams’ “Somali Pirates Hold Captain Hostage in Thriller” Is Articulate
  • Lou Lumenick 
    Lou Lumenick’s “Tom Hanks Tangles With Pirates” Excites and Intrigues
  • Cary Darling 
    Cary Darling’s “Captain Phillips” Is Straightforward and Praiseworthy
  • David 'Mad Dog' Bradley 
    David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley’s “Captain Phillips” Is Sloppy and Ineffective
  • Margot Harrison 
    Margot Harrison’s Brilliant “Captain Phillips Movie Review” Boasts Clarity and Exact Interpretation
  • Stella Papamichael 
    Stella Papamichael’s “Captain Phillips” Is More Descriptive Than Analytical
  • Cole Smithey 
    Cole Smithey’s “Man Overboard” Is Better Read Than Listened To
  • Ed Whitfield 
    Ed Whitfield’s “On Bored” Combines Clunky Prose With a Mean Spirit
  • Rebecca Murray 
    Rebecca Murray’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Insightful and Solid
  • Boo Allen 
    Boo Allen’s “Grim and Daring” Lacks Pacing and Is Boring Besides
  • Stephen Whitty 
    Stephen Whitty’s “Tom Hanks, Everyday Hero” Doesn’t Impress Much
  • Joe Williams 
    Joe Williams’ “Heroic in Piracy” Is Fair, if Unexciting
  • Marshall Fine 
    Marshall Fine’s “Don’t Abandon Ship” Is Acceptable, if Not Good
  • Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) 
    Chris Hewitt’s “‘The Rough Waters” Is Good but Not Quite Great
  • Nell Minow 
    Nell Minow’s “Captain Phillips” Is Levelheaded and Smartly Put
  • Anders Wright 
    Wright’s “Captivating “Captain Phillips” Wastes Time With Redundacy
  • Thelma Adams 
    Thelma Adams’s “O Captain!” Misinforms Then Goes Downhill From There
  • Anthony Lane 
    Anthony Lane’s “Dangerous Waters” Speculates Much and Finds Little
  • A.A. Dowd 
    A. A. Dowd’s “Captain Phillips” Is Bold and Accurate
  • Matthew Pejkovic 
    Matthew Pejkovic’s “Captain Phillips” Offers Solid Analysis
  • Matt Brunson 
    Matt Brunson’s “Worth a Salute” Doesn’t Say Much for the Movie
  • Bob Mondello 
    Bob Mondello’s “High Stakes on the High Seas” Is Shakespearean
  • Michael Sragow 
    Michael Sragow’s “Dares to Be Great” Is Quickly and Thoroughly Uninspiring
  • Lori Hoffman 
    Lori Hoffman’s “Hanks at the Helm” Doesn’t Add to the Conversation
  • Joshua Rothkopf 
    Joshua Rothkopf’s “Captain Phillips…” Tries to Balance Too Much
  • Alistair Harkness 
    Harkness’ “Review: ‘Captain Phillips’” Admires Actor, Blanks on Film
  • Dustin Putman 
    Dustin Putman’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Lopsided and Bland
  • Josh Bell 
    Josh Bell’s “Real-Life Danger Into Suspenseful Drama” Needs Better Flow
  • Luke Buckmaster 
    Luke Buckmaster’s “HMS Hanks” Blabbers and Blusters Without Effect
  • Robert Roten 
    Robert Roten’s “Piracy on the High Seas” Is Fair if Run of the Mill
  • Will Leitch 
    Will Leitch’s “‘Captain Phillips’, Reviewed” Is Well-Formatted and Flowing
  • Stella Papamichael 
    Stella Papamichael’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Flat and Incomplete
  • Kate Erbland 
    Kate Erbland’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Well-Delivered
  • Chris Bumbray 
    Chris Bumbray’s “Captain Phillips” Is Entertaining as a Doctor Visit
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick LaSalle’s “Real-Life Terror” Is Forgettable
  • Charlie McCollum 
    Charlie McCollum’s “Review: A Riveting…” Fails to Keep Interest
  • Doris Toumarkine 
    Doris Toumarkine Is Merely Average in “Film Review: Captain Phillips”
  • Bill Goodykoontz 
    Bill Goodykoontz’ “‘Captain Phillips,’ 4 Stars” Is More Report Than Review
  • Harvey S. Karten 
    Karten’s “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” Shares Interesting Info, Mature Viewpoint
  • Scott A. Mantz 
    Scott A. Mantz’ “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Weak and Wishy-Washy
  • Rob Thomas 
    Rob Thomas’s “It’s Not Just the Camera” Is Entertaining as Cookbooks
  • Rex Reed 
    Rex Reed’s “Courage Under Water” Sounded Like a History Book
  • John Urbancich 
    Urbancich’s “Hank Helms Shrewd, Strong ‘Captain Phillips’” Is Disconnected
  • Robert Levin 
    Robert Levin’s “‘Captain Phillips,’ 3. 5 Stars” Read Like a Poets Cookbook
  • Eric Eisenberg 
    Eric Eisenberg’s “Captain Phillips” Lacks Character
  • Bill Gibron 
    Bill Gibron’s “Tom Hanks for the (Much Needed) Save” Is Severely Off-Topic
  • Dave White 
    Dave White’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is a Little Too Descriptive
  • Peter Bradshaw 
    Peter Bradshaw’s “‘Captain Phillips’: Review” Leaves Bitter Taste in Mouth
  • Mathew DeKinder 
    DeKinder’s “Hanks Takes ‘Captain Phillips’ to the Next Level” Is Sub-Par
  • James Mottram 
    James Mottram “Riveting High Seas Drama” Is Mundane at Best
  • Rick Bentley 
    Rick Bentley’s “Seaworthy Power” Is Unworthy of Interest
  • Richard Roeper 
    Richard Roeper’s “Captain Phillips Review” Is Difficult to Sit Through
  • Marc Mohan 
    Marc Mohan’s “Tom Hanks Thrills in True-Life Tale” Is Uptight and Boring
  • Stephen Silver 
    Stephen Silver’s “Captain Phillips” Reads Like a Cookbook
  • Chris Sawin 
    Chris Sawin’s “Edge of Your Seat” Is Surprisingly Compelling
  • Frank Swietek 
    Frank Swietek’s “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” Is Solid but Stale
  • James Verniere 
    James Verniere’s “Hijacked by Somali Pirates” Is Enormously Forgettable
  • David Ehrlich 
    David Ehrlich “Review: ‘Captain Phillips’” Is Oh-So Long-Winded
  • Chris Knight 
    Chris Knight’s “All Hanks on Deck” Is Full of Pomp Without Circumstance
  • Tom Long 
    Tom Long’s “Taut Pirate Thriller” Is Mercifully Quick
  • Mark Rozeman 
    Mark Rozeman’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Uses Too Many Movie References
  • Jason Buchanan 
    Jason Buchanan’s “Captain Phillips” Is Mostly Synopsis and a Bore to Boot
  • Jack Pelling 
    Jack Pelling ’s “Captain Phillips” Is Without Personality
  • Tony Medley 
    Tony Medley’s “Captain Phillips (8/10)” Is Too Obsessed With Context
  • Leonard Maltin 
    Leonard Maltin’s “Captain Phillips” Guarantees a Yawn
  • Eric Kohn 
    Eric Kohn’s “Sly Political Agenda” Is Heartwarming as an Ingredients List
  • Susan Wloszczyna 
    Susan Wloszczyna’s “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” Is a Playbook Account
  • Liam Lacey 
    Liam Lacey’s “Captain Phillips: Review” Is Stuffy, Oversharing, and Stale
  • Neil Pond 
    Neil Pond’s “O CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN” Is as Poetic as a Dog Barking
  • Diana Saenger 
    Diana Saenger’s “Captain Phillips” Is an Amateurish Recap
  • Matt Pais 
    Matt Pais’ “Were My Knuckles Always So White?” Delivers Awkwardness
  • Dan Jolin 
    Dan Jolin’s “Captain Phillips” Is an Ingredients List for Boring
  • Carla Meyer 
    Carla Meyer’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Review” Is Flat and Robotic
  • Glenn Lovell 
    Glenn Lovell’s “Survivor’s Guilt?” Is Guilty of Boorishness
  • William Bibbiani 
    William Bibbiani’s “Captain Phillips” Entertains as Much as Paint Drying
  • Peter Rainer 
    Peter Rainer’s “Most Powerful Acting” Almost Makes You Think, Almost
  • Robin Clifford 
    Robin Clifford’s “Review of ‘Captain Phillips’” Is Too Stiff to Chew
  • Dana Stevens 
    Dana Stevens’s “Oscar, Ho!” Is Without Humility, Sycophant
  • Roger Moore 
    Moore’s “‘Captain Phillips’ Sails Into Oscar Contention” Is Choppy, Remote
  • Jason Gorber 
    Jason Gorber’s “Remarkably Rich” Is Remarkably Dull
  • Louise Keller 
    Louise Keller’s “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” Offers Very Little Insight
  • Rene Rodriguez 
    Rene Rodriguez’s “Captain Phillips (PG-13)” Reads Like a Bot
  • Katey Rich 
    Katey Rich’s Uneven “NYFF Review: Captain Phillips” Both Hits and Misses
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “Captain Phillips Movie Review” Fails to Entice
  • Devin Faraci 
    Devin Faraci’s “Most Intense Movie” Is Boring, Slow, and Painful
  • Owen Gleiberman 
    Owen Gleiberman’s “Captain Phillips” Is a Bummer, Start to Finish
  • Mark Dujsik 
    Mark Dujsik’s “Captain Phillips Review” Gives Away the Whole Movie
  • David Gritten 
    David Gritten’s Underwhelming “Captain Phillips, First Review” Lacks Depth
  • Joe Morgenstern 
    Joe Morgenstern’s “Thrills at Sea, With Some Drift” Is Shallow
  • Manohla Dargis 
    Manohla Dargis’ “A Thriller Armed With Thought” Tells Way Too Much
  • Bob Bloom 
    Bob Bloom’s “Anchored by Strong Performances” Seems Biased
  • Josh Larsen 
    Josh Larsen’s “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS” Seems Emotionally Biased
  • Mara Reinstein 
    Mara Reinstein Disappoints in “Captain Phillips Movie Review”
  • Rafer Guzman 
    Rafer Guzman’s “Adrift in Political Waters” Is Meek and Timid
  • Matt Patches 
    Matt Patches’ Wordy “Riveting True Tale on the High Seas” Is Ambitious but Falls Flat
  • Jules Brenner 
    Jules Brenner’s “Captain Phillips” Tells in Entirety Without Personality
  • Peter Howell 
    Peter Howell’s “Tom Hanks Shines” Reads Like It Was Paid For
  • Justin Craig 
    Justin Craig’s “Fuel Deodorant Sales” Stinks of Overreaching
  • Nick Schager 
    Nick Schager’s “Hokey High Seas Drama” Spews Out Obvious Bias and Drool
  • Neil Smith 
    Neil Smith’s “There’s Cling-Ons on the Starboard Bow” Is Drivel
  • Jon Niccum 
    Jon Niccum’s “Tense, True-Life Adventure” Is Dull and Weak-Hearted
  • Laura Clifford 
    Laura Clifford’s “Captain Phillips” Is Painful to Read Past Background
  • David Sztypuljak 
    David Sztypuljak’s Muddled “Captain Phillips Review” Is a Mess
  • David Kaplan 
    David Kaplan’s “Captain Phillips” Is Thoroughly Opiniated
  • Gary Wolcott 
    Gary Wolcott’s “Praise for Adventure” Is a Sprawling, Ambitious Mess
  • Pete Hammond 
    Pete Hammond’s “Captain Phillips” Is Dry and Painful to Watch
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf’s “Captain Phillips” Is Wearisome and Spiritless
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat 
    Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat Fail to Impress in “Captain Phillips”
  • Todd Gilchrist 
    Todd Gilchrist’s “Captain Phillips” Is Full of Comprimised Integrity
  • Ethan Alter 
    Ethan Alter’s “ROUGH WATERS AHEAD” Is Play by Play, Painful
  • Joanna Langfield 
    Joanna Langfield’s “Captain Phillips” Comes Across Sycophant