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Runner Runner

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Princeton grad student Richie, believing he’s been swindled, travels to Costa Rica to confront online gambling tycoon Ivan Block. Richie is seduced by Block’s promise of immense wealth, until he learns the disturbing truth about his benefactor. When the FBI tries to coerce Richie to help bring down Block, Richie faces his biggest gamble ever: attempting to outmaneuver the two forces closing in on him.   

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  • Jason Gorber 
    Jason Gorber’s “Flush With Hollywood Contrivances” Is Invigoratingly Fresh
  • Rene Rodriguez 
    Rene Rodriguez’ “‘Runner Runner’” Is Down-to-Earth and Human
  • Ali Gray 
    Ali Gray’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Is a Treat for the Eyes and Brain
  • Greg Evans 
    Greg Evans Is Uproariously Critical in “Runner Runner”
  • Steven Rea 
    Steven Rea’s “‘Runner Runner’ Is a Losing Hand” Grips You With Cleverness
  • Tyler Chase 
    Tyler Chase’s “Runner Runner” Overcomes a Ham-Fisted Start to Be Light Fun
  • Jackie K. Cooper 
    Jackie K. Cooper’s “Runner, Runner” Lacks Flair but Still Does the Job
  • Cara Nash 
    Cara Nash’s “Runner Runner: Review” Paints an Honest Picture
  • James Rocchi 
    Rocchi’s “‘Runner Runner’ Plays Its Cards All Wrong” Is Greatly Coherent
  • Stephen Kelly 
    Stephen Kelly’s “The Chips Are Down” Honestly Earns Some Applause
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson 
    Jeffrey M. Anderson’s “Runner Runner” Is a Top Notch Critical Look
  • Jason Best 
    Best’s “Gambling Thriller Looks Like a Sucker’s Bet” Boasts a Thorough Run
  • Kimberley Jones 
    Kimberley Jones’s “Runner Runner” Is Start to Finish Awesome
  • Stella Papamichael 
    Papamichael’s “Thriller Quickly Runs Out of Steam” Shows Modest Bluntness
  • John Hanlon 
    There’s Nothing Flashy in John Hanlon’s Solid “Recycled Drama”
  • Kyle Smith 
    Kyle Smith’s “Craps Out” Is Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Start to Finish
  • Matthew Razak 
    Matthew Razak’s “Hard to Run When You’re Falling Asleep” Is Hilarious
  • Ali Gray 
    Ali Gray’s “Review: Runner Runner” Is Fresh, Quick, and Clever
  • Paul Chambers 
    Paul Chambers’s “Runner Runner” Is as Hard Hitting as It Is Succint
  • Todd McCarthy 
    Todd McCarthy’s “Runner Runner: Film Review” Thoroughly Attracts Intellect
  • James Verniere 
    James Verniere’s “‘Runner’ Stumbles” Is Refreshingly Witty
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick LaSalle Is Funny by Every Standard in “A Losing Bet”
  • Todd Jorgenson 
    Todd Jorgenson’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Is Skillfully Straightforward
  • David Nusair 
    David Nusair’s Run-of-the-Mill “Runner Runner” Helps to Kill Time
  • Eric Eisenberg 
    Eric Eisenberg’s “Runner Runner” Is Brutally Hilarious
  • Bruce Demara 
    Bruce Demara’s “Runner Runner Not Thrilling Thrilling” Tells It Like It Is
  • Teddy Durgin 
    Teddy Durgin’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Is a Breath of Fresh Air
  • Bill Gibron 
    Bill Gibron’s “Narrative Autopilot” Leaves Readers Wanting More
  • Charlotte O'Sullivan 
    O’Sullivan’s “Runner, Runner—Film Review” Makes a Quick Deep Cut
  • Moira MacDonald 
    Moira MacDonald’s “Gambling Thriller Deals a Weak Hand” Is Cute and Funny
  • Gary Wolcott 
    Gary Wolcott’s “There’s No Reason to ‘Run Run’ to See It” Is Witty and Fun
  • Dennis Schwartz 
    Dennis Schwartz’s “Where Every Move Made Is a Losing One.” Funny and Harsh
  • Chris Knight 
    Chris Knight Dissects the Dialog in “Living on the Hedge”
  • Liam Lacey 
    Liam Lacey’s “Bad Run of ClichéS” Is a Good Read: Funny, and Critical
  • Dustin Putman 
    Dustin Putman’s “Review: Runner Runner” Holds Good Bite in Its Argument
  • Cary Darling 
    Cary Darling’s “Review: ’Runner Runner’” Is Tastefully Sarcastic
  • Scott Tobias 
    Scott Tobias’ “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Wants to Be a Novel
  • Katherine McLaughlin 
    McLaughlin’s “‘Runner Runner’ Film Review” Balances Info and Opinion
  • Witney Seibold 
    Whitney Seibold Is Hilarious and Hard-Hitting in “Lost in the Cracks.”
  • Stephen Carty 
    Stephen Carty’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Could Use Some Originality
  • Graham Young 
    Graham Young’s ” Movie Review: Runner Runner” Doesn’t Match Its Rating
  • R. Kurt Osenlund 
    R. Kurt Osenlund’s “Runner Runner” Is Derisively Clever
  • Peter Canavese 
    Peter Canavese’s “Runner Runner” Is Comparitive and Funny
  • Dan Callahan 
    Dan Callahan’s “Runner Runner” Is Comprehensively Funny
  • Chris Bumbray 
    Chris Bumbray’s “Runner Runner” Is as Fair and Concise as It Is Critical
  • Harvey S. Karten 
    Harvey S. Karten’s “Runner, Runner” Is Funny and Smart
  • Travis Hopson 
    Travis Hopson’s “Review: ’Runner Runner’” Is Witty and Appealing
  • Matt Neal 
    Matt Neal’s “Film Review: Runner Runner” Fails to Grab Attention
  • Joe Neumaier 
    Joe Neumaier’s “‘Runner Runner’: Movie Review” Has Ego but No Punch
  • Mark Ellis 
    Mark Ellis’ “Runner, Runner” Is Engaging and Witty
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “Runner Runner Movie Review” Lacks Passion or Intensity
  • Nigel Andrews 
    Nigel Andrews’ “Film Review: Runner Runner” Lets You Know the Quick Unsupported Truth
  • Elliott Noble 
    Elliott Noble’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Starts With Gusto, Ends With Blah
  • Jeff Meyers 
    Jeff Meyers’s “This Ship Is Foundering” Is Critical, but Unoriginal
  • Chris Sawin 
    Chris Sawin’s “Conscience of a Magical Unicorn” Is Classic but Unoriginal
  • Simon Miraudo 
    Simon Miraudo’s “What Goes Around” Plays Tones of Monotony and Fence-Sitting
  • Claudia Puig 
    Puig’s “Forgettable ’Runner Runner’ Just Limps Along” Is Very Enjoyable
  • Ben Kendrick 
    Ben Kendrick’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Is a Boring Detailed Report
  • Tim Robey 
    Tim Robey’s “Runner Runner, Review” Has No Oomph
  • Xan Brooks 
    Xan Brooks’ “Runner Runner—Review” Lacks Solid Assembly
  • Anders Wright 
    Anders Wright’s “Film Deals Poker Fans a Bad Hand” Is Acceptable
  • Kristian Harloff 
    Kristian Harloff’s “Runner Runner” Is Bland and Tasteless
  • James Berardinelli 
    James Berardinelli’s “Runner Runner Review” Is Sleep-Inducing
  • Ed Whitfield 
    Ed Whitfield’s “Film Review: Runner Runner” Is Lengthy and Revealing
  • Ann Hornaday 
    Ann Hornaday’s “A Weak Hand” Is Simply Simple and Without Humor
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore’s “Review: ’Runner Runner’” Needs Less Edge and More Solidity
  • Ben Sachs 
    Ben Sachs’ “Runner Runner Review” Is Shortly Uninformative
  • Robert Kojder 
    Good Writing Is Totally Absent From Robert Kojder’s “Runner Runner”
  • Kirk Honeycutt 
    Kirk Honeycutt’s “Runner, Runner” Is Funny at First, Repetitive at the End
  • A.A. Dowd 
    A. A. Dowd’s “Runner, Runner” Is a Regrettable Read
  • Kurt Loder 
    Kurt Loder’s “Runner Runner” Swindles the Reader Into Opinion
  • Maitland McDonagh 
    McDonagh’s “Film Review: Runner Runner” Is a Spineless Retelling
  • Laremy Legel 
    Laremy Legel’s “Review: ’Runner Runner’” Runs on and on for Way Too Long
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf’s “‘Runner, Runner’ Review” Reads Uncomfortably
  • Isaac Feldberg 
    Isaac Feldberg’s “Runner Runner Review” Is as Slow as It Is Critical
  • Richard Roeper 
    Richard Roeper’s “Familiar Patterns” Compares Too Much and Fails
  • Jim Schembri 
    Jim Schembri’s “Review of ’Runner Runner’” Squanders Readers’ Attention
  • Michael Sragow 
    Michael Sragow’s “‘Runner Runner’ Stumbles Stumbles” Details Too Much
  • Mara Reinstein 
    Mara Reinstein’s “Timberlake Flails” Is Word Salad
  • Chris Barsanti 
    Barsanti’s “Runner Runner Doesn’t Know When to Fold” Is Hollowly Assembled
  • Perry Seibert 
    Perry Siebert’s “Runner Runner” Is as Slow and Tedious as It Is Critical
  • Adam Graham 
    Adam Graham’s “Runs Out of Gas” Is Boring and Thankfully Short
  • A.O. Scott 
    A. O. Scott’s “One Holds the Cards, the Other Is Bluffing” Charms No One
  • Todd Gilchrist 
    Todd Gilchrist’s “‘Runner Runner’” Is Amateurish and Slow
  • Rafer Guzman 
    Rafer Guzman’s “Don’t Bet on These Gamblers” Is a Mashed Up Anger Session
  • Susan Granger 
    Susan Granger’s “‘Runner Runner’ Review” Tastes Like a Saltine Cracker
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “Runner Runner” Is Bland if Not Flavorless
  • Drew McWeeny 
    Drew McWeeny’s “Mild-Mannered ‘Runner Runner’” Is as Mild as the Title