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A grown man is still caught in the crossfire of his parents 15 year divorce. He discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.   

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35 Other Reviews
  • William Goss 
    William Goss’s “Review: A. C. O. D” Restores Hope for Humanity’s Logic
  • Kelly Vance 
    Kelly Vance’s “Meet the Parents” Pushes and Prods and Delivers a Good Read
  • Chris Bumbray 
    Chris Bumbray’s “Review: A. C. O. D (Sundance 2013)” Swing Wide and Hits a Homer
  • Steve Persall 
    Steve Persall’s “A. C. O. D. Is Big on Dysfunction” Is Focused and Effecient
  • Kyle Smith 
    Kyle Smith Is as Scathing as He Is Brief in ”’ACOD’ Limp and Unfunny”
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf “A. C. O. D. Preview” Is Deadly and Bullet-Proof
  • Anders Wright 
    Anders Wright’s “Review: Heart, Humor Clash in “A. O. C. D.” Doesn’t Stand Out
  • Rob Thomas 
    Rob Thomas’ “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” Is Well-Balanced Though Imperfect
  • Elizabeth Weitzman 
    Elizabeth Weitzman’s Brevity Is Profound in “A. C. O. D: Movie Review”
  • Nell Minow 
    Nell Minow’s “A. C. O. D.” Is Maternal and Kind in Its Entirety
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick LaSalle Is Penetratingly Funny in “Divorce Anxiety Minus Laughs”
  • Ethan Alter 
    Ethan Alter in “INDIE SNAPSHOT: “Is Welcome and Enjoyable
  • Dan Callahan 
    Dan Callahan’s “A. C. O. D” Is Compelling and Convincing
  • Colin Covert 
    Colin Covert’s “Reviewed in Brief: ‘A. C. O. D. ‘” Squeezes in Little Insight
  • John DeFore 
    John DeFore’s “A. C. O. D. : Sundance Review” Is a Solid, if Uneven, Effort
  • Eric D. Snider 
    Eric D. Snider’s “Mines Broken Marriages” Is Rational and True to Type
  • Pete Hammond 
    Pete Hammond’s “A. C. O. D.” Is a Fair and Balanced Look
  • Steven Rea 
    Steven Rea’s “‘A. C. O. D. ‘: He Can’t Outgrow” Starts Slow, Ends Quickly
  • Matt Pais 
    Matt Pais’s “Much Funnier” Is Quick to Point Once the Ads Are Clicked Away
  • Frank Swietek 
    Frank Swietek’s “A. C. O. D.” Is Colorless and Bland
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore’s “A. C. O. D.” Is Enthusiatic and Hyper
  • Sheri Linden 
    Sheri Linden’s “Ho-Hum Hilarity” Is Timid at Best, Ho Hum at Worst
  • Tim Grierson 
    Tim Grierson’s Overlong “A. C. O. D” Fails to Impress
  • Owen Gleiberman 
    Owen Gleiberman’s “ACOD Is the Comedy That Adam Scott Fans Have Been Waiting For” Drags
  • Bilge Ebiri 
    Bilge Ebiri’s “Squanders Fun Performances” Is Clinically Depressing
  • Michael O'Sullivan 
    Michael O’Sullivan’s “‘A. C. O. D.” Is Stale and Forgettable
  • Peter Canavese 
    Peter Canavese’s “A. C. O. D.” Is a Difficult and Unemotional Read
  • Robert Levin 
    Robert Levin’s “Movie Review: ’A. C. O. D. ,’ 2. 5 Stars” Fails Effectively
  • Allison Loring 
    Allison Loring’s “ACOD Elevates Adam Scott to Leading Man Status” Bores
  • A.A. Dowd 
    A. A. Dowd’s “C+ A. C. O. D” Is Colorless, Spiritless, and Tedious
  • Matt Donato 
    Matt Donato’s “A. C. O. D Review” Plagues the Mind With Redundant Hypocrisy
  • Drew Hunt 
    Drew Hunt’s “A. C. O. D.” Seems Copied, and Poorly So
  • Claudia Puig 
    Claudia Puig’s “Too Few Ha-Ha Moments” Is as Fatiguing as a Eulogy
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “A. C. O. D” Is Without Flavor or Personality
  • David Noh 
    David Noh Fails to Impress in “Film Review: A. C. O. D.”