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Blue Caprice

ExistiMetric™: 746

A narrative feature film inspired by the events known as the Beltway sniper attacks.   

74 Rated Reviews

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54 Other Reviews
  • Rene Rodriguez 
    Rene Rodriguez Illusively Draws Audience in for “‘Blue Caprice’ (R)”
  • Christy Lemire 
    Christy Lemire’s “Review of ‘Blue Caprice’” Is Definitively High-Class
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    Dana Stevens Delivers Doubt and Trepidation in “‘Blue Caprice’”
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    Alonso Duralde’s Excellent ”’Blue Caprice’ Review” Captures Essentials
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    Chris Barsanti Explores Terror in Details With “Blue Caprice Review”
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    MaryAnn Johanson’s “Blue Caprice (Quick Take)” Is Stridently Judgmental
  • CJ Johnson 
    CJ Johnson’s “Precision Shot” Gives a Pleasant but Short Fix
  • Donald J. Levit 
    Donald Levit Critiques and Surveys Just Enough in “Who’s Your Daddy?”
  • Danny King 
    Danny King Inserts Perspective in Summarizing “‘Blue Caprice’ Review”
  • Nick Schager 
    Nick Schager Recreates Tense Mood With “‘Blue Caprice’”
  • Brian Tallerico 
    Brian Tallerico’s “Frustrating Distance…” Fruitfully Frets
  • Eric Kohn 
    Eric Kohn’s Take on “Blue Caprice” Duly Questions Morality and Sympathy
  • Gary Goldstein 
    Gary Goldstein’s Minimal, Auspicious “Review: Chilling…” Succeeds
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf’s “Blue Caprice Preview” Is Smart and Well-Tailored
  • Robert Levin 
    Robert Levin Drips Out Offer of Summary in “Movie Review:’Blue Caprice’”
  • Tomas Hachard 
    Tomas Hachard’s “Blue Caprice Review” Examines Movement in Biopic
  • Peter Travers 
    Peter Travers Tautly Recaps in “‘Blue Caprice’”
  • Tomas Hachard 
    Tomas Hachard’s “Blue Caprice Review” Examines Movement in Murderers’ Biopic
  • Joshua Rothkopf 
    Joshua Rothkopf Dips Toes Into Morality With “‘Blue Caprice’:movie Review”
  • Colin Covert 
    Colin Covert’s “‘Blue Caprice’ Relives D. C. Sniper Attacks” Is Too Wordy
  • Matt Zoller Seitz 
    Matt Seitz’s Questioned Interests of “Blue Caprice Movie Review”
  • David Edelstein 
    David Edelstein Regards Tone and Mood in “Edelstein on Blue Caprice”
  • Jeff Beck 
    Jeff Beck Searches Motives in “Movie Review:’Blue Caprice’”
  • Justin Chang 
    Justin Chang Constructs an Encompassing View in “Review:’Blue Caprice’”
  • Cole Smithey 
    Cole Smithey Dives in “‘Blue Caprice’” but Doesn’t Hit the Bottom
  • Andrea Gronvall 
    Andrea Gronvall Squeezes Fair Argument Into “‘Blue Caprice’”
  • Ty Cooper 
    Ty Cooper’s First Impression of “Blue Caprice” Relies on Generic Depth
  • Jeff Shannon 
    Jeff Shannon’s ”’Blue Caprice’: A Low-Key…” Awesomely Captures Blunder
  • Ethan Alter 
    Ethan Alter Moans About Potential in “Film Review:’Blue Caprice’”
  • Robert Denerstein 
    Robert Denerstein’s “Blue Caprice” Is Flat and Uninteresting
  • Ty Burr 
    Ty Burr’s ”’Blue Caprice’ Looks…” Is Slow to Conceive or Please
  • Betsy Sharkey 
    Betsy Sharkey’s “Critic’s Choice…” Scantily Asserts Rather Than Analyzes
  • Bill Goodykoontz 
    Bill Goodykoontz’s Subdued “‘Blue Caprice’…” Shoots but Doesn’t Score
  • John Anderson 
    John Anderson’s “‘Blue Caprice’ Review…” Elegantly Controls Metaphors
  • John Anderson 
    John Anderson Epistolizes Emotion: “‘Caprice’: Artful Anatomy of Murders”
  • Amber Wilkinson 
    Amber Wilkinson’s “Blue Caprice” Sifts Through the Psyche of Violence
  • Ann Hornaday 
    Ann Homaday’s ”’Blue Caprice’: Beltway…” Is Slow to Reach Conclusions
  • Gabe Toro 
    Gabe Toro Fairly Nitpicks in “D.C. Sniper Drama ’Blue Caprice’”
  • Philip Martin 
    Philip Martin’s “REVIEW: Blue Caprice” Is Slow to Start, Finishes Abruptly
  • David Lewis 
    David Lewis’ Scant “‘Blue Caprice’ Review” Merely Summarizes
  • Jordan Hoffman 
    Jordan Hoffman Abbreviates Emotion for “‘Blue Caprice’”
  • Will Leitch 
    Five Steps of Will Leitch’s “American Nightmare: Blue Caprice, Reviewed”
  • David Rooney 
    David Rooney’s Engaged “Blue Caprice: Sundance Review” Revisits Riveting Film
  • Michael Nordine 
    Michael Nordine’s “Blue Caprice” Skims Surface of a Compelling Premise
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore Critiques Open and Close in “Move Review:’Blue Caprice’”
  • James Verniere 
    James Verniere’s Terse “Blue Caprice” Suggests a Mere Opening
  • Jordan Hoffman 
    Jordan Hoffman Misconstrues “Blue Caprice” in a Hastily Written Piece
  • Simon Brookfield 
    Simon Brookfield’s “Blue Caprice Review” Is Stiff and Lifeless
  • Travis Hopson 
    Travis Hopson Characterizes, Mostly Successfully, in “A Terrifying Look at the Beltway Snipers”
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat 
    Brussats Humanize Murderers in “Blue Caprice Review”
  • Matt Pais 
    Matt Pais Says Much but Almost Nothing at All With “‘Blue Caprice’ Review”
  • Craig Seligman 
    Craig Seligman Compresses Any Insight in “‘Blue Caprice’”
  • John Esther 
    John Esther Tries to Politicize in “System of a Dad Down”