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Don Jon

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Jon Martello objectifies everything in his life: his apartment, his car, his family, his church, and, of course, women. His buddies even call him Don Jon because of his ability to pull “10s” every weekend without fail. Yet even the finest flings don’t compare to the transcendent bliss he achieves alone in front of the computer watching pornography.   

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  • Matt Glasby 
    Matt Glasby’s “Don Jon” Is Lively and Fun
  • Matt Joseph 
    Matt Joseph’s “Don Jon Capsule Review [Tiff 2013]” Is a Perfectly Paced Triumph
  • Rich Cline 
    Rich Cline’s “Don Jon” Proves That Brevity Is Often the Key to Success
  • Margot Harrison 
    Margot Harrison’s “Don Jon” Offers Educated Realism Without Bias
  • Andrew O'Hehir 
    Andrew O’Hehir’s Epic “Don Jon” Is a Comprehensive, Powerful Analysis for Serious Audiences
  • Peter Travers 
    Peter Travers’s “Don Jon Review” Is So Clever You’ll Want to See His Films
  • Todd McCarthy 
    Todd McCarthy’s “Don Jon: Sundance Review” Is an Extremely Convincing and Thought Provoking Work
  • Rex Reed 
    Rex Reed’s “Love in the Time of Porn Addiction” Is Short, Succinct, and Scathing
  • Nell Minow 
    Nell Minow’s “Don Jon” Is a Stellar Read, Confident, Controlled and Authoritative
  • Katherine Monk 
    Katherine Monk Is Genius in “Movie Review: Don Jon”
  • Joanna Langfield 
    Joanna Langfield “Don Jon” Is Good Enough to Leave You Wanting More
  • Mark Kermode 
    Mark Kermode’s “Powerful Performance” Clicks on the Right Cylinders
  • Matthew Turner 
    Matthew Turner Lays Out His Arguments Well in “Don Jon”
  • Jeffrey Lyles 
    Jeffrey Lyles’s “Review: Don Jon” Is Carefully Crafted Humor Worth Reading
  • Charlotte O'Sullivan 
    Charlotte O’Sullivan Injects Plenty of Humor in “Anti-Romantic Romcom”
  • Jake Coyle 
    Jake Coyle “Don Jon” Gives a Funny Synopsis With a Good Perspective
  • Bill Goodykoontz 
    Bill Goodykoontz’s “Don Jon, 4 Stars” Has Masterful Clarity and Balance
  • Robbie Collin 
    Robbie Colin’s Critical “Don Jon” Condenses His Points Nicely
  • Dave White 
    Dave White’s “Don Jon Review” Is Refreshingly Frank and Informative
  • Marjorie Baumgarten 
    Marjorie Baumgarten’s “Review: Don Jon” Remains Unhindered and Sure
  • Steve Persall 
    Steve Persall’s “Don Jon” Review Offers a Succinct and Cultivated Synopsis
  • Emma Simmonds 
    Emma Simonds’ “Man Obsessed With Porn” Has Strong Points, Few Words
  • Henry Fitzherbert 
    Henry Fitzherbert Trims Down to the Bare Bones in “Don Jon”
  • Matt Donato 
    Matt Donato’s “Don Jon Review” Lacks Polish but Is Confident and Fully-Developed
  • Mary F. Pols 
    Mary Pols’ “Love, Lust and Loneliness” Speaks Candidly
  • Andrew Schenker 
    Andrew Schenker’s “Don Jon” Is a Hard Hitting, Passionate, Adult Review
  • Edward Douglas 
    Edward Douglas’ “Sxsw Review: Don Jon” Is Deep and Heartfelt
  • David Edelstein 
    Edelstein’s “Laptop Lothario” Is Brilliant, Interesting, and Features a Very Strange Ending
  • Eric Kohn 
    In “Porn Addiction Is a Red Herring”, Eric Kohn’s Arguments Come Full Circle and Hit Their Marks
  • Rafer Guzman 
    Rafer Guzman’s “Don Jon Review” Yields a Well-Rounded Perspective
  • Matt Brunson 
    Matt Brunson’s “Porn in the U. S. A.” Successfully Explores Don Jon as It Is and as It Could Have Been
  • Philip Concannon 
    Philip Concannon’s “Don Jon” Jabs and Cuts Quickly
  • Todd Jorgenson 
    Todd Jorgenson’s “Don Jon” Is Spartan in Its Brutal and Simple Approach
  • Staci Layne Wilson 
    Staci Layne Wilson’s “‘Don Jon’ Movie Review” Is Near Perfection
  • Marshall Fine 
    Marshall Fine’s “‘Don Jon’: Handle Your Business” Delivers Insight With a Sure Hand
  • Mick LaSalle 
    Mick Laselle’s “‘Don Jon’: No One Gets Between. .” Is Sharp and Friendly
  • John Hanlon 
    John Hanlon’s Enthusiasm in “Don Jon” Pays Off
  • Mark Dujsik 
    Mark Dujsik’s “Don Jon” Charges Forward With Clarity
  • Moira MacDonald 
    Moira MacDonald’s ”’Don Jon’ Fails to Seduce” Is a Quick and Easy Read
  • Colin Covert 
    Colin Covert’s “Romance Has Realism” Is Keen and Smart Enough to Like
  • Kofi Outlaw 
    Kofi Outlaw’s ”’Don Jon’ Review” Is as Insightful as It Is Lengthy
  • Annlee Ellingson 
    Annlee Ellingson Gives a Clear Cutting Performance in “Don Jon”
  • Corey Hall 
    Corey Hall Is Transcendent and Clever in “Film Review: Don Jon”
  • Gary Wolcott 
    Gary Wolcott Is Succinct and Relevant in “Don Jon: Funny, Enlightening. .”
  • Tony Medley 
    Tony Medley’s “Don Jon” Is an Entertaining Rant That Misses the Big Picture
  • Joe Williams 
    Joe Williams’ “A Playboy Meets His Match” Is as Good and Fearless as Others Fear to Be
  • Bill Gibron 
    Bill Gibron’s “‘Don Jon’ Wants to Sex You Up” Is a Meaty Work With an Excess of Untrimmed Fat
  • Graham Young 
    Graham Young’s “Why Can’t He Quit Porn?” Keeps Things Simple
  • Leonard Maltin 
    Leonard Maltin Leaves the Reader Informed and Curious in “Don Jon”
  • Randy Myers 
    Randy Myers’s “Darkly Comic Look at Unrealistic ‘Love’” Starts Slow, Finishes Strong
  • Manohla Dargis 
    Manohla Dargis’ “So Full of Himself, Yet Running on Empty” Outlines Well
  • Keith Uhlich 
    Keith Uhlich’s “Don Jon: Movie Review (R)” Ends Just as It’s Getting Good
  • Tim Grierson 
    Grierson’s “Don Jon” Is a Capable, Thorough, Unemotional Review
  • Mark Ellis 
    Mark Ellis’ “Don Jon Review” Will Please Any Audience
  • Shirley Sealy 
    Shirley Sealy’s “Film Review: Don Jon” Is Effective Though Not Very Memorable
  • Travis Hopson 
    Travis Hopson’s “Directorial Debut, Don Jon” Is Expressively Positive
  • Guy Lodge 
    Guy Lodge’s “Limp Sex Comedy” Has Trouble Staying Erect
  • Sara Maria Vizcarrondo 
    Sara Vizcarrondo’s “Wargame of Love” Is Entertaining but Lacks a Solid Center
  • Peter Rainer 
    Rainer’s “Don Jon Starts Promisingly, Becomes Sappy” Cuts a Clear Grade
  • Ryan Gilbey 
    Ryan Gilbey’s “Don Jon” Seems to Be Missing Something
  • Erik Davis 
    Erik Davis’s “What Would It Sound Like. .” Is Original but Uninteresting
  • Andy Lea 
    Andy Lea Admits His Prejudice in “I Always Get a Little Nervous”
  • Prairie Miller 
    Prairie Miller Lets the Actors Do the Heavy Lifting in “Arts Express”
  • Clint O'Connor 
    O’Connor’s “‘Don Jon’: Tackles Porn, Sex and Love” Full of Solid Points
  • David Kaplan 
    Kaplan vs. Kaplan’s “Don Jon” Runs Long but Finds Joy in the Journey
  • Ty Burr 
    Ty Burr’s ”’Don Jon’ Has Insights as Well as Swagger” Is Direct and to the Point
  • Greg Maki 
    Greg Maki’s “REVIEW: ’Don Jon’” Preserves Plotline, Making Review Great
  • Scott Nash 
    Scott Nash Delivers Accurately and With Brevity in “Don Jon”
  • Chase Whale 
    Chase Whale’s Opus “Bulks Up the Body and Career” Is Bombastic, Unapologetic and Bold
  • Eric D. Snider 
    Eric Snider’s “Comedic and Insightful Exploration” Instills Hope, Humanity
  • Daniel M. Kimmel 
    Daniel M. Kimmel’s “Review -€“ Don Jon” Is Insightful and Thought-Provoking
  • Mara Reinstein 
    Mara Reinstein’s “Porn-Obsessed Lothario” Is Witty Without Revealing Much
  • Kelly Vance 
    Kelly Vance’s “‘Don Jon’ Review” Gives a Clear-Cut Perspective
  • Nigel Andrews 
    Nigel Andrews’s “Cyber-Century Makeover” Cuts Itself Off at the Knees
  • Fred Topel 
    Topel’s “Review: Don Jon’s Addiction” Is Interesting, but Can’t Decide What to Be
  • David Blaustein 
    David Blaustein’s “Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cut It. .” Is Aptly Relevant
  • Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat 
    Frederic + Mary Ann Brussat’s “Movie Review” Shares a Refreshing Viewpiont
  • David Nusair 
    David Nusair’s “Don Jon” Is Rushed and Underdeveloped
  • Bill Chambers 
    Bill Chamber’s “TIFF ‘13: Don Jon” Rushes Through Its Funny Moments
  • Owen Gleiberman 
    Owen Gleiberman “Don Jon” Understands and Articulates the Artistic Vision
  • Rene Rodriguez 
    Rene Rodriguez’s “Don Jon” Fairly and Articulately Finds Pertinent Flaws
  • Tim Evans 
    Tim Evans’s “Don Jon” Is Mostly Spoiler
  • S. Jhoanna Robledo 
    S. Jhoanna Robledo’s “Don Jon” Discusses Only Obvious Moral Subjects
  • Stephanie Zacharek 
    Stephanie Zacharek’s “Triumphs Over Online Porn Is Exuberant and Light
  • Cary Darling 
    Cary Darling’s “Movie Review: ’Don Jon’” Is Delightfully Informative
  • Brian Juergens 
    Brian Juergens’ “‘Don Jon’ Is Fresh and Fun” Shows Rare Passion
  • Stephanie Merry 
    Stephanie Merry’s “Don Jon Review” Is Borish and Bias to Boot
  • David Medsker 
    David Medsker’s “Movie Review: “Don Jon”” Is a Worthwhile Read
  • Peter Debruge 
    Peter Debruge’s “Film Review: Don Jon” Is Confident, Clear and Enjoyable
  • Elizabeth Weitzman 
    Elizabeth Weitzman’s “‘Don Jon’: Movie Review” Is an Engaging Delight
  • Bob Mondello 
    Bob Mondello’s “Smooth Move There, Mr. Gordon-Levitt” Only Grabs Your Time
  • Ali Gray 
    Ali Gray’s Colloquial “Review: #LFF2013…” Is a Delight
  • Kurt Loder 
    Kurt Loder’s “Don Jon” Is a Great Read if You Enjoy Dictionaries
  • Stephen Silver 
    Stephen Silver’s “Movie Review: “Don Jon”” Is an Imperfect Triumph
  • Chris Knight 
    Chris Knight’s “Don Jon: Funny as It Is Filthy” Feels Unorganized, Rushed
  • Frank Swietek 
    Frank Swietek’s “Don Jon Review” Fails to Excite and Will Bias the Viewer
  • Jackie K. Cooper 
    Jackie K. Cooper Is Candid and Fair in ““Don Jon” (Relativity)”
  • Claudia Puig 
    Claudia Puig’s “‘Don Jon’ Weaves Porn and Comedy” Is Textbook Boring
  • Matt Patches 
    Matt Patches’ “FEEL the VIBRATION” Lengthy Setup and Too Short Finish
  • Christy Lemire 
    Christy Lemire’s “‘Don Jon’ Review” Needs More Meat and Less Sugar
  • Teddy Durgin 
    Teddy Durgin’s “Don Jon” Needlessly Prolongs Its Dislike Without Pity
  • Steven Rea 
    Steven Rea’s “Don Jon” Review Ends Up Ultimately Disappointing
  • Lou Lumenick 
    Lou Lumenick Talks About Himself as Much as He Critiques in “Don Jon Review”
  • Jules Brenner 
    Jules Brenner’s “Don Jon” Is Quirky for the Wrong Reasons
  • Jeremy Kay 
    Jeremy Kay’s “First Look Review” Is Distracted, Rambling, and Tone Deaf
  • Robert Levin 
    Robert Levin’s “Don Jon Review” Irritates and Offends Without Remorse
  • JimmyO 
    JimmyO “Review: Don Jon” Is a Valiant, Though Ultimately Failed Attempt at Understanding Art
  • Genevieve Koski 
    Genevieve Koski’s “Don Jon” Is Lengthy but Intriguing
  • Rodrigo Perez 
    Rodrigo Perez’ “Charming ’Don Jon’” Seems Unoriginal and Forced
  • Pete Hammond 
    Pete Hammond’s “Don Jon Movie Review” Is a Narrated Trailer
  • Roger Moore 
    Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: Joseph Gordon Levitt Is” Is Lightweight and Underdeveloped
  • Kevin Carr 
    Kevin Carr’s “DON JON” Buries It’s Good Points Under Personal Tangents and Semi-Rants
  • Brian Orndorf 
    Brian Orndorf’s “Don Jon Preview” Is Too Long and Borish to Like
  • David Denby 
    David Denby’s “Don Jon” Is Woefully Underdeveloped and Disjointed
  • Jordan Hoffman 
    Hoffman’s “‘Don Jon’s Addiction’ Review” Is Disjointed and Uncomfortably Personal
  • William Goss 
    Goss Tries Too Hard in “Sundance Review: ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’”
  • Rick Bentley 
    Rick Beltley’s “Jersey Bore” Bores With Judgmental Recurrence
  • Simon Reynolds 
    Simon Reynolds’ “‘Don Jon’ Review” Is One That’s a Dime a Dozen
  • James Berardinelli 
    James Berardinelli’s “Don Jon Review” Is Too Bland and Gives Too Much Away
  • Will Leitch 
    Will Leitch’s “Zigging and Zagging” Lacks a Sure Stance and Form
  • Meredith Borders 
    Borders’ “Sxsw Review: Don Jon Doesn’t Quite Seduce” Is a Missed Opportunity
  • Ken Hanke 
    Ken Hanke’s “Don Jon (R)” Ends Up Falling Flat
  • Loey Lockerby 
    Loey Lockerby’s “Humor and Pain” Is as Prudish and Finicky as It Is Stale
  • Jolene Mendez 
    Jolene Mendez’ “Don Jon Movie Review” Doesn’t Convince
  • Mathew DeKinder 
    Mathew Dekinder’s “Solid Directorial Debut” Is Exciting as a Laundry List
  • Susan Granger 
    “Susan Granger’s Review of ‘Don Jon’ (Relativity Media)” Is Heavy on Plot and Light on Reasoning
  • A.A. Dowd 
    A. A. Dowd “Review: Don Jon” Is Finely Articulated Hatred
  • James Kendrick 
    James Kendrick’s Mammoth “Don Jon” Stays Unspecial and Unnotable
  • Dann Gire 
    Dan Gire’s “Opposes Objectification of Women” Is More About Gire Than Film
  • Erick Weber 
    Erick Weber’s “Don Jon” Leaves Reader Unsatisfied and Uninterested
  • Ethan Alter 
    Ethan Alter’s “Don Jon” Starts Slow and Shares Too Much
  • Adam Graham 
    Adam Graham’s “Charming ‘Don Jon’” Tastes Like Unsweetened Oatmeal
  • Cathy Jakicic 
    Cathy Jakicic’s “Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shows Directing, Writing Chops in ’Don Jon’” Is Undeveloped
  • Kirk Honeycutt 
    Kirk Honeycutt “Review: Don Jon” Offers a Quality View Tainted by Rules
  • Matt Pais 
    Matt Pais’s “The Sound of One Hand Clasping” Is Charmless and Insincere
  • Joe Morgenstern 
    Joe Morgenstern’s “Beautifully ’Said’: A Piercing Comedy” Begins Beautifully, but Tapers Off
  • Stephen Whitty 
    Stephen Whitty’s “Love, Porn and Jersey Girl” Fails to Impress
  • Josh Larsen 
    Josh Larsen’s “Don Jon (2013)” Lacks Decisiveness and Direction
  • James Verniere 
    Verniere’s ”’Don Jon’ Exudes Seductive Appeal” Is Unnecessarily Complex
  • Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) 
    Chris Hewitt’s “‘Don Jon’ Review“” Is a Fight Unfinished
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson 
    Jeffrey Anderson’s “Porn Identity” Praises Profusely but Overshares
  • Sean O'Connell 
    Sean O’Connell’s “Tackles Porn Addiction“‘’s Verbose Redundancy Is Bossy
  • Andrea Gronvall 
    Andrea Gronvall’s “Don Jon” Leaves the Reader Unsatisfied, Wanting More
  • Lori Hoffman 
    Lori Hoffman’s “Farewell Gentle Jim” Doesn’t Care to Discuss ‘Don Jon’
  • Laura Clifford 
    Laura Clifford’s “Don Jon” Describes Too Much in Detail
  • Craig Seligman 
    Craig Seligman’s “Porn Addict Meets Match” Falls Flat With Haste
  • Linda Cook 
    Linda Cook’s “Gordon-Levitt Arrives With ’Don Jon’” Is Clinical and Boring
  • Betsy Sharkey 
    Betsy Sharkey’s “Smart R-Rated Comedy” Shows Infatuation Over Sense