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Bill Gibron Sounds the Death Knell in “The Counselor”

In response to Bill Gibron’s 658‑word review of The Counselor on Film Racket

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A quick word of advice: if you find yourself at a party with Bill Gibron, do not bring up The Counselor. That is unless you want a perfectly pitched, angry tirade and don’t have anywhere else to be. Wait, on second thought, do bring it up.  

Or, better yet, check out Gibron’s delightfully acerbic jeremiad and revel as he skewers everything about a film “whose performances are phoned in” and that suffers from a script whose “dialogue seems derived from a manic depressive’s guidebook to backseat philosophizing.”

Scriptwriter McCarthy shoulders most of the blame for  his “verbally overwrought asides” and Director Scott gets the sharp end of the stick for drenching “every scene in so much sun that the movie eventual[ly] suffers from heat stroke.”

Gibran keeps the pace brisk for the most part, but there are a few places where the review droops briefly and the piece would definitely benefit from a little more editing. prides itself on offering reviews with attitude and never afraid to call it like they see it, and, if Gibran’s critique is any indication, they’re living up to their credo.

The film may be a “waste of time and talent”, but, thankfully, this review is not.    

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