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Al Alexander’s “Satisfying Sequel” Is Anything But

In response to Al Alexander’s 1168‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on The Patriot Ledger

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Al Alexander, film scribe for the Patriot Ledger, delivers one of the most frustrating reviews any critic has offered up for the new Hunger Games sequel with “MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ a satisfying sequel.”

Alexander’s internal compass about what works and what doesn’t is clearly all wonky.

Satisfying Sequel tries to be offbeat, irreverent, and charming, but succeeds at none of those things. In fact, all this misdirected earnestness succeeds at is being cloying and irritatingly obtuse. After several failed attempts at puns (“you’d be stupid not to go cupid all over her sass“—groan), Alexander gets downright weird with his shots at sarcasm: “If you don’t know the difference between [a mockingjay] and a popinjay, you need read no further.”

The entire work reads like this; jumbled metaphors are followed by misguided attempts at humor which are, in turn, followed by clunky, head-scratching phrases.

The piece works best when Alexander stops trying to be cutesy and gets down to critiquing. When he does this, he manages to make some salient points, but before you know it, he’s back to his shenanigans and you’ll want nothing more than to bail on this overlong piece of cornball criticism.    

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