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R. Kurt Osenlund’s “Thor” Is Great, but Filled With Spoilers

In response to R. Kurt Osenlund’s 940‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Slant Magazine

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Can a review still be considered worthwhile as a piece of film journalism when it spoils a considerable chunk of the film? R. Kurt Osenlund seems determined to answer this age old question once and for all in his review, “Thor: The Dark World,” which includes not one, but three (and possibly four) instances of bean spilling.

Without so much as a warning, Osenlund blabs the identity of a mid-point cameo from another Marvel super hero, a major battle sequence (and its main gag), and the details of certain funeral proceedings. There’s collateral damage here also. Osenlund lays waste to the ending of another beloved fanboy film, Man of Steel.

So, can a film review still be worth a read even as Osenlund lets so much slip?

Yes. Yes it can.

Despite the spoilers, Osenlund has created a wonderfully thoughtful review and imbued it with cerebral criticism that shows the amount of respect Osenlund has for his craft.

The writing, while far from funny, is at least tight and amiable, stylishly zipping through its 940 words with a cool effortlessness, making it feel like a much shorter review.

Osenlund is a great up and coming talent, but he needs to exercise a bit more subtlety or he’ll risk alienating his fans.    

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