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Charles Koplinski Speaks to Truth in “Formidable Duo”

In response to Charles Koplinski’s 657‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Illinois Times

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Charles Koplinki’s “Bale and Harrelson formidable duo in Furnace” rings true from the get-go. This is an honest, and, at times, moving piece of work. The prose glides from sentence to sentence until it reaches its very satisfying conclusion.

This critic has firm control of his skills in this piece. Whether talking about the performances, the work of the cinematographer or the derivative feel of the film, the reviewer works to get to the truth. He particularly shines when talking about one scene in the movie he found especially effective. His descriptive skills are never more apparent than they are in this paragraph; the audience comes away able to see the scene almost as clearly as if they are viewing it on screen.

Koplinksi also does a solid job of incorporating the movie’s plot. The audience learns just what they need to in order to keep things intriguing.

But, again, the real strength of this critic’s work is getting to the truth of things here. He is not interested in tricks. He doesn’t try to turn a phrase just for the sake of doing it. He never puts himself above the work. His writing here is not about him, it’s about the film. His is an honest appraisal.

Sometimes critics get in their own way, whether trying to be clever or pithy. But Formidable Duo is refreshing with it’s matter-of-fact style. And well worth the time spent with it.    

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