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Matt Neal’s “Film Review—Thor” Is Cool and Collected

In response to Matt Neal’s 624‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Standard

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Be cool, reader. It’s just cinema.

Matt Neal is cool and collected in his entertaining “Film review—Thor: The Dark World.” The critic recognizes flaws in the film, but is unwilling to let them destroy his vision for a quality review. One will be momentarily shaken by the supreme honor displayed by Neal, and may offer a virtual handshake.

The opening paragraphs of Film review—Thor are tiny little snippets of knowledge, but audiences may be curious if Neal is going to go all out and put the nasty man review mask on. The pace moves along nicely, and the critic warns the innocent readers of unexpected themes that one may find in the film.

Film review—Thor will produce smiles on the audience with sturdy looks at the characters and plot devices. Neal wisely addresses the lead performance of Chris Hensworth, which gives the review a personal feel rather than an emphasis on Gods and monsters. The True Thor connoisseur can appreciate all the technical aspects of the film, but also recognize that real people are involved. Neal reminds readers of this fact, and the effect is touching.

Matt Neal does a terrific job of exploring where the film fits in the Marvel universe, and identifies comedy as it’s strongest feature. The characters are inspected carefully, and readers will be craving more Neal once they are done reading.

Film review—Thor is a solid crafting and perfect late-night reading.    

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