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Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (15)” Features Some Confusing Turns of Phrase

In response to Graham Young’s 398‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Birmingham Mail

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There is so much to find perplexing about Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (15).” What does the 15 in the title refer to? There is no mention of it in the body of the review. Furthermore, every sentence is its own paragraph. And what does Young mean by the phrase “over the top in the vigilante sweet shop?” Would that phrase make sense if I were British? Despite Googling it to see if it was a reference to something specific, the bewilderment was not alleviated by anything in the results.

At one point, Young writes that Kick-Ass 2 features more violence than the rest of the summer’s big blockbuster movies combined. On what does he base that assertion? If he’s going on pure body count, he’s off by a degree of thousands. If he’s talking about gore, well then he should have just said so.

I find myself wanting to seek Young’s other works to find out if they’re all this baffling. There are some reviews that are enjoyable in a so-bad-it’s-good sort of way. This isn’t one of them. Nor is it this one of the worst reviews. The worst reviews make plain their awfulness.“Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (15)” is just… confusing. Really confusing.    

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