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William Bibbiani’s “Review: The Counselor” Is as Spry as a Cheetah

In response to William Bibbiani’s 564‑word review of The Counselor on CraveOnline

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Picture this: a cheetah runs through the desert, the smell of its prey inciting bloodlust. Up ahead it sees its target: a sickly gazelle, made lame by unknown circumstances. The cheetah strikes… with a few pointed barbs that make the gazelle feel kind of bad about itself.

William Bibbiani’s “Review: The Counselor” is that Cheetah, and the titular The Counselor is its prey. Bibbiani’s takedown of The Counselor is not exactly a bloodbath,  but it’s pretty close.

Bibbiani’s fangs are cleverness and wit, and he sinks them in deep. There’s just enough snark to express his obvious contempt for the film, but not so much that it overwhelms the meat of the review. Bibbiani zeroes in on the movie’s lack of subtlety, especially in its undercurrents of misogyny, and he strikes with the precision of an aerial drone.

Part of the thrill of watching a predator at work is seeing just how efficient nature has made it at attacking its prey. With “Review: The Counselor,” readers are treated to that very same feeling in watching Bibbiani take down his cinematic prey with an expertise so natural it seems like a given that it is the product of millenia of evolution.    

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