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Walter Chaw’s “Nebraska” Is a Clinical and Thought-Provoking Analysis

In response to Walter Chaw’s 479‑word review of Nebraska on Film Freak Central

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Walter Chaw’s “Nebraska” is one part vivisection, and one part introspective navel gazing.

The critic broaches the subject of the film like a surgeon cutting away at adipose and getting to the heart of what makes the film tick. Chaw’s  prose is nothing to scoff at and though his approach to the film seems cold it is not dead. Each sentence drives you one inch closer to the conclusion but there is no stopping (we’re in bat country) once you get started, and the critic ensures this by engaging the reader instead of merely reporting the facts.  The performances all get at least a sentence or two, which helps to flesh out the importance of each character. And what Chaw leaves the audience with is at least an inkling of expectation for the film.

Chaw explores the dynamic relationships between people and how the links between have  either evolved or stagnated. He also examines what dreams drives man to certain lengths. Both arguments and analysis are compelling and paint a picture that seeks to ask some pretty big questions.

What Chaw has created is an engaging, well-written, and in-depth critique for the film Nebraska. And on that note point your browsers in the direction of Film Freak Central so you too can enjoy Chaw’s “Nebraska.”   

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