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Dann Gire’s Rants to Perfection in “Escape” Review

In response to Dann Gire’s 575‑word review of Escape Plan on Daily Herald (IL)

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Dann Gire’s straightforward review, “Plan to ‘Escape’ from this prison sell”, creatively and convincingly lambasts Sylvester Stallone’s new effort, Escape Plan, with a sharp tongue and a mocking wit.  

There’s no mincing of words or pulling of punches here; Gire’s ire is apparent from the outset where he opens with an appropriately cornball exchange between the two leads that perfectly sets the tone for this candid, unambiguous tirade against “one of the dumbest action movies ever made.”

Gire is at his best when he’s viciously ranting and here he is in rare form, channeling his anger into perfectly formed barbs and anecdotes that flawlessly slice and dice to the bone.

Plan to Escape is briskly paced and relentless, maintaining a sardonic tone until the bitter end and backing up his salient points with plenty of evidence—i. e. at Gire’s screening, no one troubled themselves to collect cellphones and recording devices from audience members because they knew “people wouldn’t bother to pirate Escape Plan.”

The only place the review falters is the disjointed ending, an abrupt finish that feels a bit jarring. It’s as if Mr. Gire could not muster the strength to write another word or care enough to come up with a worthy conclusion.

Ending aside, this auteur’s diatribe is sure to entertain and amuse.    

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