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Dustin Putman’s “Review: The World’s End” Is Honestly Unrepentant

In response to Dustin Putman’s 875‑word review of The World's End on

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Bold, opinionated, unapologetic, Dustin Putman tells you exactly what he thinks of The World’s End in the first word of the first paragraph of his review… which by the way is “heavy-handed.” The first word, that is, not Putman’s Review.

On the contrary, Dustin Putman’s “Dustin’s Review: The World’s End” is so delightfully unrepentant, when he discusses this movie we half expect him to follow up by telling us he came down with shingles and a bad case of the clap just by sitting through it. Not only did he tag this film with keywords like “bumbling” and “unkempt,” but also accused director Edgar Wright of copying the middle-aged dudes’ “I‘m-still-a-man-dammit!” scene in The World’s End from The Faculty.

Very brave, Dustin. But let’s face it, there are only so many ways a film can show 40-something guys trying to one-up each other before it turns into a Viagra commercial. So even though you have a point, you may have to cut the filmmakers some slack on that one.

If you like movie reviews that get straight to the point by “shooting the sheriff in the first paragraph,“so to speak, then read Dustin Putman’s “Dustin’s Review: The World’s End”. Putman unabashedly opens his kimono and let’s the world in on his deepest most cinematic thoughts, whether you want to know them or not.    

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