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Ian Nathan’s “Hunger Games” Is Gonzo-Like & Worthy of Multiple Readings

In response to Ian Nathan’s 782‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Empire Magazine

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Ian Nathan delights with his luxuriously-written “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” The critic lets his spectacular words dance all over the web page, although one may feel overwhelmed at times with aggressive metaphors.

Ian Nathan is the dear friend that must entertain at all times. The critic has a pleasant tone throughout Hunger Games, and sets the stage with a dramatic thesis statement at the onset. Readers may drool due to the pure drama of the review.

Nathan makes excellent observations early on about the direction of Francis Lawrence, but his Gonzo-writing often distracts such as when he references The Road and Zoolander in the same sentence. One can appreciate the fine writing, but Nathan often leans towards the fantastical rather than making a clear point.

The effort, however, is extraordinary, and the critic moves from point to point with sharp analysis. Nathan once again becomes a bit too cutesy while addressing the ending, and although the general reader likely won’t feel the finale is spoiled, there is a certain thrill that one enjoys about the unknown. Many critics seem to feel obliged to note the particulars of the ending, which does little for the audience.

Despite some minor flaws, Nathan writes an excellent review in Hunger Games and concludes with a bang. The critic does an excellent job of conveying the redeeming features of the film with intellect and style.

Hunger Games has a lot going on from beginning to end, and is worthy of several readings.    

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