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Jessica Kiang Is the Angel of Cinema in “Overfamiliar Tale”

In response to Jessica Kiang’s 1028‑word review of Nebraska on The Playlist

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Let the gentle words of Jessica Kiang soothe your soul. The critic delivers a superb performance from France with the poignant “Cannes Review: Alexander Payne’s Nebraska An Overfamiliar Tale Of Connections Broken & Remade.” One may experience a Zen-like calmness while reading.

Overfamiliar Tale is pure poetry. Kiang crafts her compositions with such sweet care, and one may be led to believe the critic is the much talked about “Angel of Cinema.” The consistent use of “we” and “us” exudes class, and it’s clear that Kiang has felt the power of Cannes. We’ll have what she’s having.

As far as the critique, Overfamiliar Tale is rich with beautiful insight. Kiang is direct with the audience from the start, and breaks down the the Alexander Payne formula with tactical prose in the fantastic open.

Overfamiliar Tale shines when it pierces through the basics of the story. Kiang details an argument on how the film is not actually a road movie, and communicates why the supporting characters bring the film down. Most importantly, the critic delivers a sparking critique on the two leads, which makes the work sublime. The writing is fantastic, the tone is respectful and the analysis is outstanding.

Jessica Kiang’s Overfamiliar Tale is an excellent combination of precision writing and intellectual thought.    

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