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Scott Chitwood’s “Ender’s Game” Is an Overlong Borefest

In response to Scott Chitwood’s 1321‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Scott Chitwood’s “Ender’s Game” does a lot of talking but doesn’t manage to say much. A review of this gargantuan size should be chock full of great critiques, but what readers will find instead is a rambling mess of irrelevant arguments, clunky prose, and trivial tangents.

First, the prose. Chitwood’s writing lacks any semblance of concision or clarity which means he needs several paragraphs in order to explain a relatively simple point. This shortcoming makes the whole review sound like a child trying to explain the intricacies of government. Where a word or two would suffice, Chitwood goes with thirty.

The review is helpfully divided into a plot summary, the good, the bad, and the bottom line, a format that works with pithy prose, but strains here under the weight of so much exposition.  

The critiques are equally long winded. Chitwood and his son have read the book and much of the review is regretfully based on that foreknowledge. Even when Chitwood is discussing the film itself, the criticisms are of the “I didn’t like this,” or “My son was confused by that” variety which really do nothing to elucidate the film for readers. does feature some good work, but this one isn’t worth the time.    

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