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Ben Kendrick’s “‘Prisoners’ Review” Is Careful and Grounded

In response to Ben Kendrick’s 708‑word review of Prisoners on ScreenRant

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Ben Kendrick’s “‘Prisoners’ Review” reads well and carefully shares information that is gounded by engaging context and format.

The review is ideally showcased on an awesome Screen Rant webpage with a layout that satisfies the search for an enjoyable reading experience. The background earth tones, clean font, and center location of the review even makes the advertisements bearable and acceptable. There’s also a great sequence of provocative and strategically placed pictures from Prisoners, as well as a great trailer for the reader to watch at the end.

While Kendrick’s wording stumbles in a few places, this very thorough and complex review explains, analyzes, and intrigues enough to make up for these mild shortcomings. The repetition of information in places may make the review seem too lengthy for movie review readers who are simply looking for a fun read, but there’s no question this reviewer is committed to providing a quality review.

Review gives much—but not too much. Kendrick provides an uncompromising read that succeeds in making smart, effective use of his writing talent and the information at hand.

In both presentation and writing style, this is an excellent choice for those interested in reading about Prisoners’ plot movement, character development, and powerful thematic elements.  A tremendous and resounding success.    

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