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Cunningham’s “I Give It a Year Review” Is a Silky Smooth Read

In response to Joe Cunningham’s 534‑word review of I Give It a Year on HeyUGuys

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It’s not every day a review with such refinement as that of Joe Cunningham’s “I Give it A Year Review” comes around. From the first word until the very end, Cunningham proves that he has mastered the art of reviewing. He not only brings light to the plot of this film, but he also keeps a bit of shade around in order to avoid any spoilers whatsoever.

Cunningham is above all fair in all respects while reviewing I Give It a Year. He brings a fresh perspective to the movie and is keen to present more than just a one-sided argument. This balanced approach pays off big dividends as the final product is one of the finest reviews in its genre.

Cunningham’s writing style has excellent flow and keeps the reader wanting to know more about his point of view. Only two words can adequately describe the texture of this review. Silky smooth.

After reading this delight of a review, it is clear that Cunningham does not want to force the reader into sharing his opinion of the film, rather he seeks to prepare his readers adequately for their viewing experience. The respect he has for his readers is unmistakable, making this an incredibly enjoyable review-reading experience.    

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