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Sara Maria Vizcarrondo Wins With Playful “Place to Hang His Hammer”

In response to Sara Maria Vizcarrondo’s 668‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Movies With Butter

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Near the end of her review, “Review: Thor: The Dark World (Just Looking For A Place To Hang His Hammer)” Sara Maria Vizcarrondo quips about The Dark World:   “it’s high energy and low commitment (go to the bathroom: it’s ok!)”

That’s a perfect encapsulation of Vizcarrondo’s review; it’s full of vim and vigor, but doesn’t require much of the reader. If that sounds bad, it’s not. At least not entirely.

Reviews of a film like this are not about serious analytical assessment, they’re about kicking back and having fun. No reader wants to slog through an academic analysis of archetypal relationships for a film that features talking elves and rainbow bridges.

Vizcarrondo knows this and keeps the mood suitably light, cracking jokes and engaging in general Loki-esque mischief as she casually breaks down a film “that’s sweet, reverent, and accessible.”

The review is downright hilarious at times: she riotously compares Anthony Hopkins’ Odin to Santa Claus and kids Chris Eccleston for being “at his peak of facial pointiness as Malekith,”

If there’s a zit on this angel, it’s that Vizcarrondo fails to include much critique of the film itself. There are plenty of nods to the actors, but a little more insight would have gone a long way.    

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