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Susan Granger’s “Ender’s Game” Forgets to Critique

In response to Susan Granger’s 343‑word review of Ender’s Game on SSG Syndicate

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There are two lonely words of criticism in Susan Granger’s review of the new Young Adult Sci-Fi flick, “Ender’s Game.” “Humorless” and “shallow” are left all by themselves to wonder where all their friends went.  

You see, critical reviews used to be a place where words of critique could get together and run free in glorious fields of golden prose. In Granger’s Ender’s Game, the reunion has turned into a slaughter, leaving these lone survivors on a deserted island.

Granger spends most of her incredibly slight review rehashing the plot (three lengthy paragraphs) and then gives readers a sentence or two about how the film will hopefully spark debate about defensive genocide, none of which has anything to do with whether the film is good or not.

If only the writing could help buoy the work. Alas, Granger’s lifeless prose will work like Ambien on all but the most caffeinated readers. The opening spells disaster for what’s to come with a sentence that defies the laws of syntax and grammar and even common sense. There are grammatical and punctuational errors throughout (the, comma, in particular, is, murderously, misused).

A complete lack of critique and lifeless writing make this one a must miss.    

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