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Rob Thomas’s “Children’s Crusade” Is Pleasant but Slightly Disappointing

In response to Rob Thomas’s 666‑word review of Ender’s Game on Madison Movie

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Rob Thomas dazzles with terrific writing in “Ender’s Game: A children’s crusade in outer space.” Although the work is an intriguing read, one will likely wish that the critic could have devoted more time and effort to truly provide a rich critique.

Children’s crusade opens up with a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which is sublime. Thomas knows how to begin a review, and some will tense up and think “Wadsworth? Whoa. Epic review on the way.” Ultimately, the work of Thomas is solid, but could be improved.

The first four paragraphs of children’s crusade are essentially plot summary, although a clear argument is provided by Thomas early on. The critic’s writing is pleasant, but one will surely desire the appearance of some serious critique.

Thomas somewhat delivers in the final three paragraphs of children’s crusade by exploring the subtext and visuals of the film, but the critic fails to look beyond the basics. There is zero analysis of the lead performances, and the characters themselves are barely addressed. Thomas moves from point to point and concludes with a Harry Potter reference.

A review such as children’s crusade is troubling because the critic is undoubtedly capable of producing a better work with just a little more effort.    

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