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Mark Adams Doesn’t Proofread: His “Gravity” Review Disappoints

In response to Mark Adams’s 881‑word review of Gravity on Screen International

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Mark Adams’s “Gravity” unfortunately dies the death of a thousand qualifications—a review that might have drawn some significant attention if not for foolish blunders that relegate the work to “almost” status.

Plenty of analysis is shared, and enjoyable explication keeps Gravity from becoming too heavy. Adams doesn’t deal with his subject matter in an amateurish manner. His skill is evident, so it’s confounding why he drops the ball in matters of form so consistently.

Whether these major gaffes are the fault of an editor, proofreader, or the creator himself is entirely beside the point.  Gravity was poised to accomplish something worthwhile, but instead finds itself inundated with mistakes of grammar, usage, mechanics. Verbs are ignored abusively at times. The result is harrowing, but unintentionally so.

What the work provides in terms of a review is more than passable from the 50,000-foot perspective, but as a work of art—where every brush-stroke and color invites scrutiny—this is the equivalent of a Mona Lisa parody. A mustache painted on the final product lets readers know that serious attention to the craft wasn’t a concern.

Whether its impression improves over time is a matter less for Adams and more for those who polish his diamond in the rough. For the time being, it remains extremely rough.    

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