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“It’s a Deep Morgen-Burn!” in Hans Morgenstern’s “Payne’s Purest”

In response to Hans Morgenstern’s 553‑word review of Nebraska on

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Let Hans Morgenstern open up the door of the Delorean, and take you on a cinematic ride through the past in “Review: Nebraska Might Be Alexander Payne’s Purest (And Darkest) Movie Yet.” One will have their hair blown back, but may also question the end destination. Buckle up.

The salt and pepper visuals in Payne’s Purest are quite striking, and Morgenstern takes the method approach with the presentation. The writing is elegant, and the construction of paragraphs may lead some to scream “It’s a deep Morgen-burn!” due to the sheer brilliance.

The feeling is rare and should be cherished.
Who doesn’t like to hear about a nose hair-beard love affair? No one— and that is a scientific fact. Morgenstern provides such specific details in Payne’s Purest, and the overall description of the lead character is stunning.

Although Payne’s Purest is a fine crafting, the critic teases at the final scenes which some may find unnecessary. The innocent reader may gently cry out “why, Hans, why,”  but sadly the past cannot be changed. Overall, the work is beautiful and the critic should be awarded a free dinner somewhere. Perhaps an Omaha steak.

Payne’s Purest is a delightful read that oozes class.    

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