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Peter Canavese Looks Beyond Typical Payne Techniques in “Nebraska (2013)”

In response to Peter Canavese’s 480‑word review of Nebraska on Groucho Reviews

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There has been a giant wave of critics who have bowed down to the power of Alexander Payne’s midwest characters, however Peter Canavese is a bit more reasonable in his latest work “Nebraska (2013.)”

The appearance of the word “septuagenarian” typically brings joy to most readers, and Canevese serves it up at the beginning of (2013). The critic transitions with gentle prose to briefly comment on director Alexander Payne, and the phrase “American quirk” will surely be all the talk on Twitter.

Canavese doesn’t resort to boring plot summary, choosing instead to constantly offers sharp and insightful criticism. The critic clearly isn’t impressed by the deadpan humor and language of the characters, and his thoughts on the darker moments could potentially makes softies burst out in tears.

(2013) hits all the right notes, especially toward the end when Canavese addresses the lead performances of Bruce Dern and Will Forte. The writing is so good that it’s a shame the critic couldn’t offer up just a little more for the audience. The style of the review really works though, and Canavese closes out on a powerful note.

Peter Canavese has created a piercing work with (2013), and his fans will surely appreciate his ability to look beyond the typical Payne techniques.    

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