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Tirdad Derakhshani Thinks Out of the Box With Humor in “Buddy Flick”

In response to Tirdad Derakhshani’s 467‑word review of Escape Plan on Philadelphia Inquirer

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Tirdad Derakhshani will make new friends through his latest hilarious piece of work “Escape Plan: Predictable but enjoyable buddy flick.” The critic doesn’t take himself too seriously, or the film—but looks after the audience with a memorable performance.

One will marvel at the originality and uniqueness of the opening paragraphs of Buddy Flick. Whereas the majority of critics feel the need to shove 80s humor down the throat of the reader, Derakhshani takes an original comedic approach and writes as one of the characters on “Career Day.” It’s a fresh opening to the review, and one will be pleased to find a critic that thinks out-of-the-box.

Buddy Flick is blunt with the reader, but never becomes nasty or too snarky. Derakhshani displays a nice flow with his words, and the comedic timing is outstanding. The critic succeeds by refusing to dance around the essentials with vague statements, and although Buddy Flick isn’t beefy, Derakhshani clearly understands what the reader desires.  

The conclusion of Buddy Flick is brief, but one will enjoy the personal tone of the critic and surely seek out more of his work. Character analysis is absent in the review, however Derakhshani’s style makes the review interesting and highly memorable. The critic could have delivered the bare essentials like so many dreadful reviews, but instead shows respect to the reader and takes a creative approach.

Buddy Flick is smart, funny and a must-read.    

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